Sunday, 22 November 2015

Counting Your Inches Across Canada - Part 1

You know the saying 'back by popular demand?'  YOU let us know that you did not want us to retire the counting of the inches.  You emailed, called, dropped in to our guilds, threw spools of thread at us,  followed us around with tape measures (may be a slight exaggeration here). But you told us you loved doing this national challenge!  You were heard, so the challenge is back and we are running behind so we need your help if we are going to make it!
Marilyn Michelin, a former board member, has kindly agreed to look after this project for us and she is excited!  Over to you Marilyn:

There’ll be no Lollygagging along the way this year! 
As we are a little late in starting, we still have managed to get enough inches from 10 guilds to get us to just outside Calgary, Alberta on our way to Toronto, Ontario, where Quilt Canada 2016 is being held.
After having had a wonderful time at Quilt Canada 2015, we leave the University of Lethbridge to travel north. 

What a wonderful group they were - welcoming, energetic, and amazing! We met lots of new friends at the show and now can’t wait to get to Toronto to see some of them again and make some more new ones.

Cactus Rose Quilters' Guild (Medicine Hat, AB) shared their October meeting on facebook - a wide variety of quilts and sewn objects were shown.

Keep sending in your inches to Marilyn  ( so that we can make it to Toronto for Quilt Canada 2016 - June 15-18, 2016!

Send along a picture or two of your guild meeting Show & Tell too. We like to see all the wonderful quilting that is being done by quilters across Canada!


  1. I know this might be a stupid question but I did not participate last time. Is it inches sewn as isn piecing or inches quilted, or both.

    1. Not a stupid question at all. Once the quilt is finished, it is the inches around it or the perimeter of the quilt that is measured.
      Does that help?