Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Fun Tips and Giggles #17

Do you ever want to peruse the internet for ideas but not sure quite where to look?

Here are two fantastic sources of inspiration.  The first is pinterest.  Think of this as a giant board that you can tack (pin) all your favourite ideas onto and come back to them.

You can also use it just for browsing and do not have to create an account for yourself.  If you decide to create an account, then you can create topic boards to keep your pins organized.  This means you can have different topics to 'pin' favourite items when you do a search.  Say you create a board called 'quilts with buttons'. Type that in the search engine and it will show you many images of quilts with buttons. You can click on a picture and 'pin' it to your board.

Warning, it is very addictive and hours can slip by quickly.

The second place to find creativity is Craftsy project page or free pattern page.

Craftsy is a huge online learning centre that has expanded to include patterns, blogs and just a ton of projects for you to look at and be inspired.   There are almost 37,000 quilted projects on the site. Go and check it out and maybe even sign up (free) and put up your own project!

And a little giggle for you!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

It is with regret that we were informed of the passing of CQA/ACC member Eunice McLeod.

Ms. McLeod had been sewing since she was 4 years old.  Her quilts have been exhibited at numerous shows across Canada including quilt conferences, SCACA Quilt and Rug Fairs, York Heritage Celebration of Quilts and the 1st Canadian Contemporary Quilt Show.

Eunice has served in many capacities with the Simcoe Arts and Crafts Association and was a charter member of CQA/ACC and the Simcoe County Quilters’ Guild. She taught church women, guild members and neighbouring guilds. Much of her teaching was done on a voluntary basis.

As Education Director of CQA/ACC she was responsible for the ‘Standards of Quiltmaking’ booklet. She also designed our CQA/ACC logo. Her original block was kept in the archives for several years until recently when it was decided that it should be showcased at every Quilt Canada.  It was mounted and framed behind glass and is on display at each of our annual conferences at the CQA/ACC table.

In 1991 Eunice McLeod won the coveted Dorothy McMurdie Award.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Walk To Brock #8

Woohoo, we made it to Thunder Bay, ON!

Fantastic work, everyone! I’m receiving large inch amounts as you get ready for your quilt shows. We burst though the final provincial border and landed in Thunder Bay, home of member guild Thunder Bay QG, who contributed a large number of inches to help get us here.  

Visiting Fort William Historical Park would be lots of fun for a day as would hiking in Kakebeka Falls Provincial Park to see the second highest falls in Ontario.

With a good push, we should be able to get to Brock University in time for this year’s Quilt Canada conference.  The deadline for reporting your last inches is June 11/2014 – the opening day of Quilt Canada 2014. Inches reported after June 11 will not be counted.  We are so close, let's do this!

Notes received from the guilds:
The Orchard Valley Quilters Guild's says that even if we don't get all the way to Brock, at least the challenge was an inspiration for quilters to show their work - and some used it as a drive to finish those UFO's.

St. Thomas guild sent these photos of some of their quilts that were measured for this challenge. Apparently they have good fun doing the challenge each month as one member walks around with the tape measure and another member copies down all the inches and adds them up.

Come on quilters, rev up those sewing machines, shine up those thimbles, and let's quilt our way to Quilt Canada 2014!  We can do it!

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Fun Tips and Giggles #16

Did you see the incredible display of Trend-Tex quilts and wearables from our 2014 'Modern Ways' challenge?   It is going to be simply breathtaking having them all hanging in one show!  Thank you to all the members that participated!  This is our biggest number of entries ever!

I was on YouTube and the number of quilt tutorials is simply staggering.

For a simple yet effective block, here is a 6 minute tutorial on the Disappearing 4 Patch Block.

Ever wonder how to 'Quilt As You Go'?  Check out this video!

Now this has to be my all time favourite tutorial for making a fun and fast and oh so creative quilt.   It is just a 4 minute tutorial... you have to look at it!

And your little giggle for the day=)

Tell me at least a few of you can relate to this picture?

Jackie W.