Monday 30 July 2012

A New Welcome

Welcome to the new CQA/ACC blog. Our Conference Blog  has produced so many blooms that we are planting this new blog,  Canadian Quilting CQA/ACC.

This blog will be concentrating on what's happening in Canadian Quilting. And, yes, our beloved, Jackie White will continue to bring all that to you..

And Now Here'zzz Jackie!

Hi Everyone!

 I am really excited to show you what quilting in Canada is all about.   

I already have interviews lined up with some super famous  quilters from Canada!   As well, we will talk about what goes on for Canadians in the online world of quilting and  the upcoming contests and challenges CQA/ACC is offering.  

The blog is to encourage and promote quilting in Canada.   Everything nowadays has some component of online access and this was thought to be a great way to reach quilters right across the country to let them know on a weekly basis what is happening.  While we are just getting started we have some big plans for this blog, so sign up now to get in at the ground floor! 

Our Conference blog, as mentioned above will keep you right up to date on our yearly quilt conferences that happen around the country.   Here you will be able to get information on where the next conference is, teachers and their workshops, all the concurrent quilt shows, lodging suggestions and the most current news on the conference.

So please hit the follow button and enjoy the ride Canada!

Picture of Canadian flag

Monday 23 July 2012



Just wanted to jump in and tell you we have added a new page to our blog.   One you have all been waiting for, The Day at a Glance for Quilt BC 2013!  This page is so helpful as it gives you an overview of the whole conference.

More super exciting news, we have just released who the teachers are and what fabulous workshops they are teaching at the conference.     You are going to want to check it out, so you can start thinking what you would like to take when registration opens!

By Laine Canivet.
This piece won 'Viewers' Choice' at the local quilt store. Everyone was given a different tin can to use as their inspiration for a fabric piece.

Tuesday 17 July 2012

CQA/ACC Website


I want to take you on a little trip and tell you about our website.   If you are like me, you go there when you are looking for specific information such as the Call For Entry (CFE) for the National Juried Show (NJS) or to see who to contact about getting a rosette.   Have you ever taken the time to see all that the CQA/ACC website has to offer?

Please don't tell anyone, but I hadn't, till I sat down to write this post.  Am I ever glad I did! Wow, there is a ton of information on the website.   I am going to highlight some of it, and am hoping this encourages you to go and take a closer look.

'Under the Leaves', by Laine Canivet
This piece was in the Fredericton  NJS in 2003

Under the 'Members' tab there are many free downloadable 'Publications', such as 'CQA/ACC Quilting Standards in French and English, How to Organize a Workshop, Teaching Children' and much more.
There is also a 'Members Only' section where you the member, get entry into a closed off part of the site.  They just finished a mystery quilt and are gearing up for something totally exciting, so stay tuned!  If you still want to do that mystery quilt, all the chapters are posted now.

The next tab is 'Quilt Professionals' and this is a huge list of those related to the quilting industry.  You can sort by Name, Business, Province or Services.  This is a perfect tool when travelling across Canada, you can search the different provinces you are off to see.

'Events' is my favourite place to spend time.   It tells me all the events going on across Canada as well as challenges that CQA/ACC has in place.  Check out the 'How Far Can You Stitch' Challenge starting September 1, 2012.  You will definitely want to take part in that!   For a chance to win prizes and a one-year free membership, check out the 'Sign Up a Friend Contest'.

'Awards' is a good read.  It talks about the three main awards that CQA/ACC gives out and showcases the past winners and has applications available.

My other favourite place to check out is 'Galleries'.   You can see the National Juried Show and Trend-Tex winners from the past five years.  I go here sometimes just to find inspiration.

Sponsors is another tab that I often take a look at.   Here are the wonderful businesses and guilds that make CQA/ACC what it is today.   We are so thankful for their continued support in Canadian quilting.

'Contact' is the last tab at the top.   Here you can see all the people that are ready and willing to help you out, answer your questions or guide you in the right direction.

I encourage you to go and take a look and I hope you enjoy perusing our website.  Leave a comment and tell me which was your favourite part of it!  I would love to know.

'Dedication', by Laine Canivet
This piece was presented in 2011 to His Honour Steven Point, Lieutenant Governor of BC.

Monday 9 July 2012

QUILT BC 2013 and Mystery Quilt Follow Up

Here is another one of the Quilt BC 2013 team members, she is going to be a very popular woman with the quilters!

Marilyn Govier – Merchant Mall Assistant
 Marilyn’s first experience with fabric was sewing little dolls by hand, and stuffing them with the fluff from the cottonwood trees when it was flying. In school she took all the sewing classes and did a whole wedding party. Marilyn knew she wanted to be a quilter, but also knew it would be time consuming. As a result,  in her last year of work she took a beginner quilting course and that got her started. Inspiration from fellow quilters, and the sheer joy of quilting keep her in her studio for hours.

Mystery Quilt

Our first ever 'Members Only'  mystery quilt was a success!  Our stats show us that 315 different people accessed the mystery quilt page.   Here is a quote from one woman who posted her photo today: 

I had fun and it will be a birthday gift for my Mom, she's 89 in July. I’m more of an art quilter so doing a pieced quilt is a challenge for me. The instructions were well done and easy to follow. –CP from BC”

We plan to bring you a very beautiful ‘Block of the Month” for the next Members-Only project   and more up to date information on QUILT BC 2013!

Sunday 8 July 2012

Meet One of CQA/ACC's Professional Members

If you go to our website, we have a special tab for you to find our Professional Members.   This is great when you want to find a quilt shop, long arm quilter, lecturer or teacher.    I thought it would be fun to get to know them a little better.

I randomly selected Christina Doucette and asked her if she was willing to be the guinea pig, I mean first interviewee.   She is a spunky gal and agreed.   Without further ado, let's get to know Ms. Doucette.

Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Christina Doucette (Nee Recoskie) and I am 37 years old, living in Cochrane, ON, married to Roy Doucette, and we have one son Lucas, who is turning 7 this summer.  We also have a pet, Indy, which is a cat-breed Munchkin - you gotta look them up. (I did and it turns out they have very short legs and totally adorable)  I had a home photography business before moving back to Cochrane, and do quilting, sewing, and the newest hobby is knitting - which I have learnt through my own store this spring by our knitting/crochet instructor, Mrs. Anne Dyas.

My own overall pattern. Medallion and Celtic Border adapted from book: Celtic Quilts (That Patchwork Place) by Beth Ann Williams, pieced by myself.
Quilted by Long Arm Machine Quilter - Catherine Timm (

What got you into quilting?
 Actually, I had no intention on quilting as a hobby - it found me in 2003.  I hadn't sewn since I was 12 years old and that was on an antique Singer treadle machine. I decided to buy my first used electric sewing machine, and headed to the fabric store to buy something to practice sewing on.  During that visit, I entered a draw to win a new sewing machine.   Two days later, I received the call on my 28th birthday no less, that I had won the sewing machine.   I knew that I  had to learn how to use it so I went to my LQS (Algonquin Sewing Center in Pembroke, ON) and signed up for the NEXT sewing class available. Turns out it was a placemat quilting class schedule for the very next day and I leapt at the chance.  Much to my surprise I found out that  I loved quilting and never looked back!  I adore the mathematical and precision of  making a quilt. I needed to know EVERYTHING about it and master it all.

You now own a store , tell us how that impacts your love of quilting?
Upon moving back to my hometown of Cochrane, ON in May 2011, I was disappointed that we still didn't have a fun and creative local quilting store for me to enjoy.  I began thinking about how it would be nice to fulfill my retirement dream of owning my own storefront someday.  Turned out someday was February 7th, 2012!  That was the day I opened my doors to the Northern Ontario market. NeedleWorks Studio Canada was born! A  creative learning center with retail store carrying knitting, crochet, quilting, sewing, and embroidery supplies. We have an online store at

My first ever quilt - from a quilting class. It was on placemats and I made a lap quilt instead!

Does anything frustrate you when it comes to quilting?
Yes, of course!  I get frustrated when I don't have the right tools at hand. That's why my sewing room is as big as it is - I need it all!  I love quilting gadgets to make the process more enjoyable. To be honest, I wouldn't be quilting if it wasn't for the tools available on the market today. 

Please explain why you say your store is  ‘green certified’.
Since I have a background in Environmental Biology, I felt it important to make "green" choices when opening my store.  It became apparent that with all the "green" choices that I was making, a proper certification would be in order to show commitment to our environment. Hence, I completed the required paperwork and earned our "Green Certification" in January 2012 - even before the store was opened.  We are proud to recycle our garbage, use energy efficient lighting and office equipment, offer project ideas on repurposing, and requests for information/class materials are not printed - but rather emailed when possible.   We use donated/recycled plastic bags (never new), carry organic, recycled, eco fabrics/yarns, as well as many many other initiatives that can go a long way to helping reduce operating costs yet benefiting the environment.  It is definitely a win/win situation!
Thanks Christine, it was a pleasure getting to know you!

Friday 6 July 2012

Meet More of the QUILT BC 2013 Team

I have found a few more talented ladies for you to meet.   These women are already hard at work behind the scenes getting ready for a fabulous conference in Penticton!   I can't wait till more details become available to   tell you as I think you are going to get very excited.

Brandy Maslowski – Blog Advisor
 Brandy began hand sewing at the age of 12, after meeting a woman who made hand sewn doll clothes at the local flea market across the back lane from her childhood home. She sat with her at her table every Sunday for 4 hours that entire season. That experience blossomed into 2 decades of crafting and sewing that included bazaars and craft markets. In 2000 she took her first hand quilting class and fell head over heels in love with the craft. To this day she cherishes that first quilt, proudly displaying it wherever possible.
Brandy is an avid blogger and has the experience to promote Quilt BC 2013.

Darlene Chapman – Trend-Tex Challenge and Invitational Shows
For the past 25 years Darlene has been involved with quilting.  During that time she has tried many, many techniques and strategies to discover “her” style.  Darlene’s quest continues, but she has fun with whatever she is doing. Presently, she is a member of the Double O Quilters’ Guild in Oliver and the Fabricators group.  When she heard that CQA/ACC was planning a conference in Penticton she immediately decided to volunteer her services.  Darlene will be responsible for hanging both the Trend Tex Challenge and the Invitational Show.  She is very excited because she will be working with a group of people who are also very thrilled about this event. 

Joan Swan – NJS Coordinator Assistant
Joan Swan  lives in Oliver BC, the wine capital of Canada. She joined the Double O Quilters’ Guild in 2002 after taking a beginner course in quilting from Marianne Parsons. Now in addition to quilting she enjoys golfing and travel with her husband. Joan has been on the Program Committee  and on the Design and Layout Committee for her local guild.
She brings experience and enthusiasm and is looking forward to working with Quilt BC 2013.

Rita Macdonnell - Volunteer Coordinator
Knowing that she would need a new interest when she retired from teaching, Rita joined a Block-of-the-Month Club in Creston, BC – and that was the start of her interest in quilting.  After retirement, Rita moved to Peachland, BC and joined the Pincushion Quilt Guild, a wonderful source of education and stimulation.  She has learned so much over ten years of quilting – free motion, curved pieces, paper piecing, fabric painting, and pictorial, etc. Rita has experimented with lots of different ideas, but gets the most satisfaction from quilts of her own design.  Rita’s other great passion is singing and is fortunate to be able to sing with some the Okanagan’s finest choirs.

It is going to be great over the next few months hearing what these ladies are up to!

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Meet the BC Team

As some of you may be aware, QUILT BC 2013 is well underway in its planning.    To pull off an event that includes the Trend Tex Challenge, workshops, the National Juried Show, various other shows, a Merchant's Mall, banquet and many other opportunities, takes an incredible amount of work to say the least.   

I thought you may like to meet some of the leaders behind this fantastic event.   

 Johanna Alford – Conference Coordinator

Johanna is very excited to be involved in planning and organizing Quilt BC 2013. After five years on the CQA/ACC Board of Directors she continues to volunteer her time to support quilting across Canada. Having been directly involved in the previous five conferences for CQA/ACC she hopes to make Quilt BC 2013 a wonderful experience for all who attend.
Come to Penticton and enjoy some wine.  See you all soon. 

Linda Schmidt – NJS Coordinator

Linda is a dedicated, enthusiastic quilt maker, teacher, long-arm quilter and supporter of her local guild.  She is moving into the President’s chair of the Penticton Quilters’ Guild in September, chaired a very successful  guild show in 2009 and is chairing the October 19 & 20 guild show in 2012.  Besides improving her long arm skills, Linda is most interested in learning to make art quilts.   She is excited to be part of the Quilt BC 2013 committee and will be coordinating the NJS show.  

Ellen Sangster – Publications

Ellen has been quilting since she retired in 2001. In the beginning she taught herself, but after moving to Penticton she joined the Penticton Quilters’ Guild in 2006. At the guild she expanded her quilting horizons and was introduced to new techniques and inspiration. Ellen has produced the Penticton Guild newsletter since 2007 and helped set up the guild website. Her quilting interests include free motion quilting, fusing and colourful scrappy quilts. In addition she enjoys knitting, golf and travel.

 Marg Jacques – Banquet D├ęcor/Volunteer Assistant

Marg has been retired for 15 years and moved to the Okanagan Valley in 1997.  She belonged to two guilds in Peachland where she  lived for 9 years and has belonged to the Penticton Quilters' Guild since moving there in 2006.  Marg has held various positions in the Guild since joining. 

Marg and her husband have recently started spending the winters in Southern Arizona and California,  but she continues to enjoy quilting while staying in their RV.  Marg enjoys attending quilt shows and seeing the wonderful projects on display.  She also enjoys browsing through patterns, selecting one and searching out fabrics to make that project "her own"!   Marg is very excited about the upcoming Quilt BC 2013 event.

Marianne Parsons – Concurrent Shows

For 25 years, Marianne Parsons has been active in the local quilting and art scene. Her design for the Quilt BC logo features the vineyards and orchards, brilliant sun and sparkling waters of the Penticton area.  She’ll be coordinating the concurrent exhibits from several prominent Canadian fibre groups.  Marianne has been involved with CQA/ACC for many years. She was the Regional Representative for all of BC. She is familiar to many quilters and hopes to meet them all at Quilt BC. 

Stay tuned, we will definitely be hearing from these fabulous ladies in the future!