Friday, 25 September 2015

Quilt Canada 2016 Registration Delayed

Quilt Canada 2016- Registration Date Delayed!

Registration Date Delayed!
You heard it right, we are delaying the registration because something BIG is happening and we WANT YOU to be in on it!
We don’t just mean a bit BIG, we mean GIGANTIC BIG EXCITEMENT! We can hardly contain it, but we are going to sit on it until October 28, 2015.  Then we are releasing our AWESOME NEWS!  You do not want to miss this, so be sure to join us on October 28th when we tell you our BIG NEWS! Information pertaining to Quilt Canada 2016 at the International Centre in Toronto, Ontario, June 15-18, 2016 is now on our website:
We have 44 workshops and many levels of pricing to meet your budget!  We also have 9 Lectures to offer you.  Get ready to register: October 28, 2015 for CQA/ACC members and November 18, 2015 for non-members.

Trend-Tex Challenge

Kits for the 28th Annual CQA/ACC Trend-Tex Challenge entitled "Living a Life in Green" will be available October 1, 2015 for CQA/ACC members and October 15, 2015 for non members.  Rules have been published in the Autumn 2015 "Canadian Quilter" magazine and on our website.

Guild Insurance

November 1, 2015 is the renewal date for guilds already enrolled in the "umbrella" property and/or liability insurance plans that the CQA/ACC has arranged with Intercity Insurance Services.  The cost remains the same as last year: $130 plus applicable tax for Liability Insurance and $80 plus applicable tax for Property Insurance.  If your Guild hasn't already taken advantage of this great plan more information can be found on our website or by contacting:

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Making Quilts for Refugees

There is an initiative started asking Canadian quilters to make quilts for the many refugees coming to Canada by the end of this year.

Check it out here and see if you and a group of friends or your guild are interested in this worthwhile cause!
If you are make sure you send pics to!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Getting Members to your Guilds!

Over the past two years, we have had different members email asking us about increasing and retaining members in their guilds. This subject is very near and dear to our hearts as well, as we believe every quilter should be a part of our national organization to help us promote our amazing craft through Canada=)

To help us and others with this dilemma, we went to the experts. YOU! After our AGM at Quilt Canada 2015, members told us their success stories and advice.  It was a worthwhile conversation for everyone in the room and we promised to show you the feedback from that discussion. 

Town Hall Discussion
How to Increase Guild Membership

After the Annual General Meeting members were invited to participate in a discussion on how to increase guild membership. There was good participation resulting in the following suggestions:

-The needs of membership should be determined through the use of a survey such as Survey Monkey or another suitable tool.  Results would then be shared with all membership and guild activities adjusted accordingly.
-Large guilds often have sub-groups who meet within an existing meeting or separately to ensure that the interests of all members are addressed.  Mentors can be assigned to either a sub-group or to new members to assist them in learning the ropes.
-Whenever possible speak with a departing member to determine why they are leaving the guild- the information provided may result in further adjustments to guild programs.
-Ensure that meetings have structure and purpose i.e. format, projects, strong interaction, sharing of techniques, etc.  Keep members challenged and interested.
-Where feasible guilds have introduced sliding scale membership fees e.g. reduced fee for youth, early renewal discount, snowbird rate.
-Most in attendance were in guilds that use social media which kept membership informed and engaged.

We hope this helps and if you have any tips, please add them in the 'Comment' section!

Monday, 7 September 2015

Quilt Canada 2016 is LIVE!

Yes you heard it hear.  We are ready to show you what we have planned for Quilt Canada 2016!
We are landing in Toronto ON from June 15-18, 2016 ready to knock your socks off.  We have so much fun planned for every quilter that walks through our doors!   Our shows, the workshops, lectures, the National Juried Show, and of course the best Merchant Mall ever!  This is the conference of all conferences, the show of all shows, the place where every quilter needs to be.

Mark it on your calendar, as WE WILL BE WAITING FOR YOU!!

We have 44 WORKSHOPS and 9 LECTURES! And hold on... they are all differently priced to fit your budget!

We don't want to brag, but guess who is coming?   


Jane Sassaman is doing 4 workshops and a lecture.

We didn't stop there.... ready to see the line up of instructors?  These quilters rock the quilting world!


















We are looking for VOLUNTEERS!   They get perks, so check it out!

Go and check out Quilt Canada 2016!
Looking forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Youth Challenge

Every year, we promote and take on the Youth Challenge at CQA/ACC.
It is generously sponsored by Cantik Batiks/Contemporary Sewing Materials.

Reasons to do the Youth Challenge

We take this very seriously for a couple of reasons. The first is we want to promote our craft. We NEED to promote it to the younger generation so it continues to flourish in a time of technology and gadgets.  Kids need to know that creating with their hands is a creativity outlet all on it's own and is a good thing.  

We want our youth to know that quilting is easy and doable and teaches hand eye coordination, math, designing, colour theory and so much more.

Those are the super serious reasons. The next reason is it is just darn right fun to quilt with a child!   Seriously, have you tried it? Whether it is a 4 year old who can't reach the foot pedal or a 14 year old who is mastering the machine and designing all on their own, this is time well spent.  

We have a new volunteer Youth Coordinator this year, Ms. Rolanda Tovey, who has stepped forward to help us with this fun task.

This is a picture of the fabric for the Youth Challenge based on the theme 'My Favourite Game or Sport'.

What Is Involved?

1. Find a youth. It could be the token grand child, neighbour's kid, your youth, call the school and find one... they really are everywhere!

2. Request the fabric.   Go right here to do that. Find the guidelines here.

3. Teach the youth to make a quilt... here is the best part.. it can be any size!  So you don't have to make that king sized quilt the first go with your youth!

4. Fill out the very simple paperwork. Take a pic and enter!

5. Where it says you need a sponsor... you don't have to be a CQA/ACC member, just find someone who is.  If you can't, use me.. buzz me an email at and I will be honoured to be your sponsor!

Take a look at last year's entries to get inspired!

6. Why are you still reading.. go, go, go and start the Youth Challenge today!