Friday, 29 May 2015

We Arrived in Lethbridge!

The Board is back together again!
We have arrived thanks to the lovely chauffeurs of our LOC Effie and Kathy who picked us up at the airport. The board of directors is settling in to two days of board meetings prior to the conference starting. This is what we spotted an LOC driving:
How fun are they, sporting the QC dates on their rear windshield?

We had dinner at the university, and came into the room and found this lovely decoration! Seriously quilters, these gals have pulled out all the stops. 

Flying in we could see all the hills and were told they were called 'coulees' in Alberta. Once we got settled, a few of us took a walk out to see these beautiful rolling hills. 

 We stumbled upon a buffalo out here on the range and it let us pose with it for a picture.

Now here is the good stuff!  See this running track below?  This is going to be filled from one corner to another with vendors in the Merchant Mall! You will be running from vendor to vendor, especially if you are or become a CQA/ACC member as a whole pile of merchants are giving deals just for CQA/ACC members!  Don't delay, come to our table and sign up.. and get a free tattoo while you are there!  (washable of course=)

Can we just say, the facility is amazing!
They even had our Quilt Canada sign up in the main entrance of the NJS/Merchant Mall location.

This is going to be one amazing Quilt Canada ever! Don't miss out! 

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Jackie White ………….our President.

Excitement is building! The Countdown is on for Quilt Canada 2015, in Lethbridge, AB.  In just a few days, thousands of quilters will descend on the University of Lethbridge. Quilters will come from far and near to take in all the conference has to offer… …the National Juried Show, AGM, Workshops, Lectures, Merchant’s Mall, Invitational Show, a FAN exhibit, and of course the CQA/ACC Travelling Quilt Show, to name a few. Of course some will just come to hang out with others who share a common passion or even get a Tattoo.


The fantastic lady who is leading us into Quilt Canada 2015 is none other than, our president, the lovely Jackie White. Jackie has been at the helm for the past year. She has led CQA/ACC into the future and beyond. Being a very forward thinking person, she had a vision for CQA/ACC and set out to move in that direction, in a very positive way. Under Jackie’s leadership our association has undergone a number of major changes which should help us grow and prosper.

To hang out with Jackie is a pure pleasure. She has an awesome sense of humor and is always there to lend a hand if needed. Her only imperfection is that she works us to death at Board Meetings (kidding!)….actually if you feed her enough Chocolate and red Twizzlers, she keeps everyone on track and on time in a professional, but gentle manner.


Jackie is quite an accomplished art quilter in her own right. She has won many quilting awards, both nationally and internationally. She is a quilt teacher who loves to travel and spread the word about embellishing quilts with flowers, ribbons and buttons.  She writes regular blogs and tutorials for Craftsy.  Jackie has articles published in Quilting Arts Magazine, Annie’s, Quilters World, Martingale, The Canadian Quilter, just to name a few. Check out Jackie’s Art Quilts at


NJS is her passion. Since joining the Board in 2012, Jackie has persuaded us to keep up with the times by introducing a Modern category last year. While in Lethbridge, you may find her chatting up a storm, encouraging quilters to enter the NJS. Pat her on the back for a job well done!

When she is not immersed in the affairs of our organization, you can find her in her home on Manitoulin Island, ON, hanging out with her two sons, Steven and Chris.. as well as her husband Bob. They are the light of her life!!!  She loves to share in their activities, be it at the farm, the hockey arena, the dirt bike track or in school.

Judy K

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Lollygagging - Final Leg

We have left the Okanagan (Penticton and heading towards Kelowna and Salmon Arm) on our way to Lethbridge.
Will we make it in time? 

We're headed back to Banff and then onto Calgary. 
Thanks to some of you who have been storing some inches (we've been getting some really big numbers) and all the other guilds who have regularly sent in their inches, we did it.

We're now able to head straight to Lethbridge. And with just a week to go!

We can spend some time in Lethbridge checking out the venue, quilt shops, maybe even a guild meeting with the Lethbridge Quilters - that's if they have time in their busy schedule getting ready for Quilt Canada June 4-6th.

 In particular, I'd like to thank the following guilds for their phenominal numbers to help in our journey:

Victoria QG
Ocean Waves Society of Cape Breton (NS)
Huron Perth QG (ON)
Vernon Silver Star Quilters
Nanaimo QG
Abbotsford QG
Cactus Rose QG (Medicine Hat)
Cochrane QG
Sudbury & District Quilting & Stitchery Guild
Quilted Mouse Guild of Calgary

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Quilt Canada - Nearly here!

Quilt Canada 2015 is rapidly approaching.  In less than a week, the LOC will begin to hang the quilts in anticipation of an amazing show that will leave you Blown Away!  But there are some practical matters that I should address here.  In order to enjoy the show, you have to get to the show.  
Time for some directions!

The University of Lethbridge is in West Lethbridge, and it is quite easy to get to.  If you are coming from the Lethbridge Airport, you can take a taxi to the University. As mentioned in a previous post, Royal Taxi is offering a special flat rate of $30 for the trip.  You have to specifically mention that you are in town for Quilt Canada to get this special rate.  

If you are driving in from out of town, whether you're coming from Calgary or Saskatchewan or Southern BC, you will be coming into Lethbridge on Hwy 3.  You will need to take the exit for 'West Lethbridge' and head South.  This will take you onto University Drive.  Continue South on Univesity Drive for roughly 5 km until you reach Valley Road W, and then turn left into the University.  

Head for Lot E (marked on the map in light blue).  There is free parking here for those attending the quilt show!  The building marked in green, the First Choice Savings Centre for Sports and Wellness, is where Registration, the NJS show, merchant mall, and Weeks Ringle lecture are.  The Closing Banquet is in the Student's Union Building, marked in pink.  The building you are in for workshops will depend on which workshop you are taking.  I recommend printing out the MAP, which you can find in this link, and taking it with you.  

For those are staying overnight at the University of Lethbridge, you will be staying at Mount Blakiston Residence, marked on the map in tan.  To get from the Residence to the show, you will need to walk along the path marked in blue.  It will take you approximately 7 minutes to walk to the First Choice Savings and Wellness Centre where the quilts are being displayed.  

We, the LOC, hope you are Blown Away by the beauty of both the University and its setting in the coulees, as well as the quilts that will be on display.  We look forward to seeing you there.  Only 8 more days!

Shena Boes

Monday, 18 May 2015

Sponsor Coordinator Position

Canadian Quilters’ Association/Association canadienne de la courtepointe (CQA/ACC) is accepting applications for the position of Sponsor Coordinator.  Responsibilities include identifying and cultivating individual, corporate and guild prospects to become sponsors for CQA/ACC’s National Juried Show awards, other conference events and for the Association.

The successful candidate will have excellent interpersonal, research and writing skills, and will be self-motivated, reliable, and organized. 

This is a long-term, part-time, paid position.  For more information email

Countdown to QC2015

We have started the countdown to the start of QC2015... There are just a few weeks to go to the opening on June 4th. 

WOW - where has the time gone?

If you are attending, have you booked your flight, shuttle, accommodation?
Have you signed up for special events such as banquet, extra daily trips, or your favourite workshop(s) - there's still room left if you haven't. (Contact Jackie Philpott to do this)

Have you checked out the merchants/vendors who will be there? And their websites - in case there's something you desparately need!!!

Did you get your maps sorted out and printed so you know where you're going? Did you download your map of the campus of U Of Lethbridge?

Have you checked the weather to know what clothes to bring?


I'm sure there's something else too - I've started my checklist too.
Hope to see you there soon.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Change your light, change your life!

Zoë MacDonald is E-Commerce and Social Media Manager at Canada’s largest manufacturer and wholesale distributor of quality sewing, quilting, and knitting supplies. Crafty lady and recent quilting convert, she is keen to share her love for the latest in notions.

I hadn’t thought much about how a light could affect or enhance my sewing experience... until I met Stella. (Okay, technically: the Stella Lighting LED Task Lamp.)

Whatever light happened to be shining near my machine (or couch, if I’m hand stitching) was good enough for me. This often resulted in moments of frustration where my screen-tired and sensitive eyes encouraged my hands to guess where my stitches were headed. 

Enter, this life-changing craft light!

Sensitive or aging eyes

When we’re having difficulty seeing properly for any number of reasons, our instinct is to use brighter and brighter wattage, hoping that turning up the light will enhance our ability to see more clearly. Paradoxically, as aging/tired/sensitive eyes sometimes fail us, they can also become more sensitive to bright light, making it even harder to see properly and making our eyes even more tired and sensitive.

What we really need, is better light.

What makes light “better” depends on your own eyes, personal preference and what you’re looking at. Much of this relates to the tone of the light, which brings me to…

True colours & contrast

The Stella light has three light tones, each have five levels of brightness: Natural (daylight), Cool (moonlight), and Warm tones (“indoor” light).



It’s pretty much undisputed that no one is better than Mother Nature at giving us the kind of light we like the most. So, it’s no surprise then that the “Natural” light setting is by far my favourite. This setting allows you to bring a ray of sunshine into your sewing room or craft corner. This is especially key if you are working in a basement, at night, or essentially any environment that doesn’t have the light of a perfect cloudless day outdoors.
Mostly though, the natural setting will show you the “true colour” of your fabric and threads, making it easier to discern the difference between very similar shades and empowering you to make the very best choices.

After all, choosing matching fabrics in an ill-lit area is like getting dressed in the dark: Not advised!

Bonus: It’s not official, but there is reason to believe that exposure to “daylight” is beneficial to your mental health. So even if you’re not a stickler for colour precision, you might want to shine this light anyway.

Warm & Cool:

Alternating between warm and cool colours works well for the purpose of finding the best tone for seeing contrast; whether it’s one or the other will depend on the colours and textures you’re working with.

This is truly necessary when you’re dealing with black on black or white on white.

Aside from that, some eyes simply prefer working under the light of these tones.


Solid, flexible, reliable.

In moments of inspiration and creativity, I’m known to flail. For that reason, it comforts me to know that the Stella light has a solid base and is not easily tipped over. Because its flexible neck can easily point to the precise area that you need light, (and it generates NO heat) you can rely on the Stella light to provide sunny support no matter what you’re doing or how tangled your fingers/fabrics/projects are.

Move the light to shine on your work, instead of manipulating your work to sit under the light.

Bonus: As a convenience feature, the light will remember your most recent tone & brightness setting when you turn it off and on, which saves time when you’re returning to the same project.

The only light you will ever need.

Stella is low maintenance, with no bulbs to change (thanks to LED Technology), and a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. (That’s a long time. Even with frequent use - like having Stella on for 12 hours a day, every day, for 11 years - the light will still function with 70% of the original output)

My only complaint is that my dimly lit corner doesn’t quite cut it anymore, now that I’ve seen the light.

For a Stella Light of your own, visit your local Canadian quilt retailer.
For more inspiration and product education, follow H.A. Kidd and Company Limited on Facebook

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Quilt Shows in a Different Venue

Quilt Shows are traditionally held in large venues such as gyms, community centres, arenas and even churches. These provide the WOW factor when you first come into the show. Many have Tea Rooms, Merchant Mall, Guild Boutiques, Member/Guild Challenges and even Tombollas (mini quilts sort of like a raffle).

In recent years there have been quilt show committees who have wanted something unusual, out of the ordinary and they have partnered with different facilities. 

In Calgary, Alberta, the quilters' group partnered with Heritage Park in late May (May 23-24, 2015), to display their quilts in the heritage buildings and outside. It is a favourite for many (besides quilters) to attend. It is the 
largest outdoor quilt show. This year's theme is "Something Borrowed, Something Blue".

A few years ago, Halton Quild Guild (Ontario) had partnered with the Royal Botanical Gardens for a show that was enjoyed by all. Last year (Nov 2014), York Heritage Quilters' Guild held their tri-annual quilt show at the Toronto Botanical Gardens.


Also for the last few years, York Heritage Quilters' Guild partnered with Black Creek Pioneer Village (Toronto, Ontario) to provide a unique show of quilts in a "pioneer" or historic setting, similar to that of Heritage Park. It is wonderous to view these quilts outside mostly, in the sun and blowing in the breeze. They have a vendors' shopping area or Merchant Mall where you can find fabric, fabric and more fabric, as well as patterns and tools and a lot of what quilters need/want. There will also be trunk shows, workshops and quilt appraisals available.

This year's show is their fourth annual "Quilts at the Creek" and is fast approaching - July 18-19th, 2015.- Mark your calendars!

These shows are something to be seen!
Hope you will get the chance to take in these shows.

Pictures were taken by M Michelin at Quilts at the Creek 2014.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Concurrent Show - FAN

In a previous post, I mentioned that the Fibre Art Network (FAN) will be having a concurrent show during Quilt Canada.  The talent in this group is quite exceptional, and I wanted to whet your appetite for their show.

Judith Panson

FAN is a co-operative of professional fibre artists from Western Canada.  As a group, they are committed to showcasing original and creative fibre arts, and also to promoting fibre as an art form and supporting each other as artists.  They have members from every part of Western Canada: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories.

You may wonder how they can meet as a group when they come from such far reaches of our great country.  Members of FAN share their learnings and news with a monthly newsletter.  They also have a website Fibre Arts Network (FAN)).  Members enjoy an annual retreat that helps them to connect with each other while also stretching them out of their comfort zones and helping them take their art to a new level.  The distance between the individual members may at times be great, but FAN helps them use their art to bridge the gaps and come together as a group.
Marianne Parsons

Diane Duncan
FAN is as generous as they are talented.  They are proud to be the sponsor of the Innovative Award at the CQA/ACC National Juried Show.  

FAN produces two exhibits a year, and one of them "On the Wind Travelling Exhibit" will be available for your viewing pleasure at Quilt Canada 2015.  34 magnificent works of art from members of FAN will be on display.  Artists were asked to create pieces 18"x36" that interpreted the statement "On the Wind".  

Judy Villett
Contributors for "On the Wind Travelling Show" took the theme to heart and created quilts that are incredibly varied in both materials and techniques.  The show will be a feast for they eyes!  Those attending Quilt Canada 2015 have the great privilege of being the first to view the display, as it is debuting there.  Afterward, the exhibit will be available for loan to venues throughout Western Canada in 2015/2016.  

Jenny Perry

This amazing show is yet another very attractive reason to make plans to come to Quilt Canada in Lethbridge, Alberta next month.  Less than a month to go!  Prepare to be Blown Away by the amazingly talented artists in FAN!

Shena Boes

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Take a Workshop, See Weeks Ringle's Lecture Before It Is Too Late!

Our workshops for Quilt Canada 2015 are almost sold out!

Now is the chance to learn something new, with an incredibly talented quilt teacher and have a blast doing it. Classes run from Thursday June 4th to Saturday June 6th, 2015 in Lethbridge AB.

We only have a few workshop with spaces left:

Joane Flamand -  Introduction to Long Arm Quilting and Long Arm Sampler Class - Thursday class

Karen Henry -  Images on Fabric - Saturday class

Kathy Tidswell - Designing Wearable Art - Thursday/Friday, 2 day class

Cindy Needham - Linen Ladies - Friday

Lecture by Weeks Ringle Friday night 7:30 pm

Please contact Jackie at or call 1-877-672-8777 for info on available workshop spaces or lecture tickets.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Lollygagging to Lethbridge - Getting closer!

We have beeen gathering inches for almost eight months now and our journey is getting us close to our destination  - well at least we are on the west side of our big country Canada, at least!

Leaving Banff last month, we are travelling to Penticton, home of QC2013 in the beautiful Okanogan Valley. And of course, they're bragging about their weather as those of us on the eastern part of Canada have been inundated with snow, snow and more snow, along with very cool temps!

Okanagan Lake
Our first stop in BC will be to the Shuswap Quilters' Guild in Salmon Arms. A small group of 117 members, but boy can they collect inches - submitting almost 50000 inches so far! The Guild meets twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Wed. of the month at 10:30pm.

It was difficult to decide where to go next. I think BC and, in particular this region of the Okanagan has more quilt guilds (per km)  than anywhere else in Canada.
Vernon Silver Star Quilters, Sagebrush Quilters, and After 7 Sew N' Sews have been sending in inches to help us along the way so we'll do a quick stop to say hi.

Ricky Tims made a visit to the quilters in this area this spring. Just missed getting to see him, but I heard that everyone enjoyed his presentation and workshop.

On our way back to Alberta now.....
On to Penticton to the Penticton Quilters Guild who are preparing for their quilt show "A Bouquet of Quilts" on May 8th and 9th. Should be a great show to go see! These quilters meet the 2nd Wed of the month at 9:30 am, so we'll miss their monthly meeting.
Also heard that there was a "Gathering of the Guilds" meeting on April 25th in Osoyoos. From the reports/comments, this was a successful and enjoyable meeting. Bet there were lots of quilts and ideas being shared!

We have enough inches now to start our trip back up the Okanagan and head towards Lethbridge. Maybe we can stop at the Shuswap Quilters meeting this month and say hi and thanks before heading through the Rockies toward our destination.

We are really getting close. Keep those inches coming - up until the end of May. We may need just a little push to get there in time for Quilt Canada on June 4-6th.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Job Opportunity

Sponsor Coordinator Position 

Canadian Quilters’ Association/Association canadienne de la courtepointe (CQA/ACC) is accepting applications for the position of Sponsor Coordinator.

This person is responsible for identifying and cultivating individual, corporate and guild prospects to become sponsors for CQA/ACC’s National Juried Show awards, other conference events and for the Association.

This position requires someone with excellent interpersonal, research and writing skills, and who is self-motivated, reliable, and organized.

This is a long-term, part-time, paid position. For more information email
Applications to: will be accepted until June 1, 2015.