Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Kathy Tidswell - Wearable Art

Have you ever wanted to create a jacket or vest that was uniquely yours - a one-of-a-kind? In a recent conversation with Kathy Tidswell regarding her upcoming classes at Quilt Canada 2015: Blown Away, she passed along some pictures of the amazing wearable art that she has created -  Art that you can learn how to create if you sign up for her class on Wearable Art at Quilt Canada 2015.

Everyone likes to have their own personal style with regards to the clothing that they wear, and what better way to exude your own style than wearing one of your own creations? Rest assured that no one would have a jacket or vest that matched yours.

You will learn many skills in the class on Wearable Art. Kathy, winner of the Teacher of the Year award in 2005, will also give tips on the type of pattern that can be adapted to wearable art, as well as numerous embellishment techniques that can no doubt be used in other areas of your quilting life as well. Skills like lace cutwork, bobbin work, trapunto, arranging appliqués , and new methods for attaching appliqués . You'll be able to look at samples and even get started on your own creation under Kathy's watchful eye. 

Kathy also graciously passed along some photos of her work, many of it shown at previous Quilt Canada conferences. The trapunto jacket was the winner of the CQA/ACC National Juried Show Wearable Art award in 1999. The silk cape featuring a 3-D thread appliqué Great Horned Owl was juried into CQA/ACC in 2012. The silk hand painted cape features three free motion thread owls. The jacket with the lake sunset scene received Honourable Mention in 2005. The fireworks jacket was accepted into 2001 National Juried Show.  


Check out Kathy’s classes being offered at Quilt Canada 2015 in Lethbridge, AB on the CQA/ACC’s website.
Shena Boes


Thursday, 22 January 2015

Membership Director - Laine Canivet

It is always fun to write about members of the Board, because it is a chance to show you just how much fun and friendship is available on the Board.  Don't get me wrong, we do alot of work, mostly through the hundred or so emails that fill up our inboxes daily, but all of that is worth it at the end of the day.

One such board member who has not been highlighted here  makes us laugh till we cry, keeps us in shape during board meetings and brings fabulous snacks.

It is none other than our current Membership Director Laine Canivet. If you run into her at a conference, she is the one promoting CQA/ACC in her gentle manner, encouraging quilters to enter the NJS and completely interested in whomever she is chatting with.

Under The Leaves

What always comes to our minds when we think of Laine is her exceptional attention to detail. Prior to moving into the Membership role, she was our Secretary. Her minutes were incredible, her notes on topics were exact and you could always count on her to find that resolution or comment that was made.  We still rely on her when we need information not readily at our fingertips that rather requires some digging.

Danish Village

It was Laine who spearheaded and single handedly organized and launched our first ever quilt tour around Canada.  The hours she put in just prepping the quilts to be turned into greeting cards is overwhelming and shows of her dedication to our organization.

Machu Pichou

When she is not immersed in our organization, you can find her doing yoga, biking, and working in her studio.
What is wonderful is that she shares much of her knowledge with us. At the last board meeting, after sitting for a few hours, she had us all doing yoga stretches - working on whatever part of our body was sore. It was wonderful!
Tribal Colours

Laine is always willing to show us whatever latest art quilt technique she has learned with us and often brings her work with her so we can admire her results.
There have been times at conferences when she shows her hidden sense of humour. One such time, in Penticton, she had a board member laughing until midnight, barely able to breathe, because she was being so funny.

Laine truly is a professional, dedicated to CQA/ACC, a dear friend to the board members and a talented art quilter. The best thing about Laine is that she is always up for splitting a decadent dessert with you!

Friday, 16 January 2015

It's Time for Colour Hits the Road!

The long-awaited "It's Time for Colour" travelling quilt show is now officially on tour across Canada. A total of 36 quilts have been split up and half has gone to the Northwest Territories and the rest to Manitoba (see below for a specific schedule).
Although many of these gems have been sold, they remain on display with the tour, along with cards of these amazing quilts that are also for sale.

Isla Marsh, CQA/ACC Regional Rep for Manitoba, is really excited about the arrival of the quilts in Manitoba.

She's says "I'm beginning to feel like some sort of a celebrity - whenever I show up, people get so excited!  Okay it's not me. It's the quilts they're excited about. And everyone raves about the quilts."
Turn out to see the display has so far surpassed expectations and there have been lots of good comments.

Isla seems to think that the little "blue suitcase (that the quilts arrived in) needs a name. When I opened the door to find the little suitcase standing there, with no one in sight, it looked like a little orphan. Made me thing of the little robot that hitch-hiked across Canada last summer".

Or perhaps another "Flat Stanley"??

The other half of this show is currently up north in the Northwest Territories (see also their schedule below). Of course, here's a picture of the “little blue suitcase” that arrived for Shona Barbour, their CQA/ACC Regional Representative.

Sounds like a show not to be missed when it comes to a location near you. Keep posted. There will be a monthly schedule here, and of course, a full schedule.

Schedule for Manitoba:
December 30 - small group, Winnipeg - for visiting embroiderer from Ottawa
January 7 - Anglican-Lutheran Centre - Winnipeg
January 9-11- St Benedict's Retreat Centre - Middlechurch
January 12 -  Kenora Quilters - Kenora Ontario
January 13 - Frayed Edges quilt group, Winnipeg
January 19 - Country Lane Quilters Guild - Portage la Prairie
January 22 - Manitoba Prairie  Quilters - Winnipeg
January 27 - Little Britain Quilting group - Little Britain
January 28 - Nifty Needlers quilt group, Brandon Embroiderers group - Brandon
January 29 - February 1 - Quilting Jewels retreat - Winkler
February 2 - Barnswallows - members only meeting - Morden
February 4 - Barnswallows open house - Morden
February 5 - Winnipeg Embroiderers Guild - Winnipeg

Schedule for Northwest Territories:

Inuvik - Jan 16-18 - Centennial Library

Yellowknife Javaroma - Jan 23-25

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Giveaway on our Facebook!

That's right, January 15th is another amazing giveaway on our facebook page!
We will be having one each month, so please like our fb page.  You don't even have to be a member!

Here is what is up for grabs:

Unique Folding Cutting Mat 24" x 36" Blue             
The folding cutting mats are a great space saver when it comes to storage.  Because they fold to a compact size they are also great for taking to classes.  The cutting mat is made of 3 ply, 2.5mm self-healing material.  It is single sided and has both metric and imperial measurement markings.  It also has 30°, 45° & 60° angle markings for all your quilting needs

 Komfort Kut Rotary Cutter 45mm
The 45mm Rotary cutter is the most popular size of cutter.  It is designed for cutting on a variety of materials, fabric, leather or paper.  It is convenient and comfortable to use.  There is a sliding cover that extends a blade guard for safety when not in use. The High quality blades are razor sharp.

Please note: It is just one mat, but we wanted to show you how it folds.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Lethbridge Awaits You

Registration will be open on Jan. 14th to ALL quilters for Quilt Canada 2015 in Lethbridge AB!

Early registration has been open for a few weeks but there is still space in most workshops and all other events. Did you get a long-arm for Christmas (I really wish I did) or are you thinking about buying one? Sign up for Joanne Flamand's class, Introduction to Long-Arm Quilting. This is a lecture class - well actually it’s two class topics combined into one class. The great thing about a lecture is you don’t have to operate a machine you have never used before. The teacher sketches designs from basic to complex and you sketch along with her. This builds muscle memory so when you try it at home it’s much easier. You'd be hard-pressed to find a better instructor.

Are you a quilter who likes to paint? Combine the two in Margie Davidson's class, Paint and Piece. Margie is well known for the individual attention that she gives to each student in her class. She was awarded the Teacher of the Year Award in 2013!

These are just two of the exciting workshops available for registration.

And don't forget to get a ticket for Weeks Ringle's lecture, Transforming Traditions: Modernism and Quilts. 

Book your spot before it’s too late. It may be cold out now but it will be sunny and warm on June 4 – 6. Register for a class, attend a lecture, tour the amazing Waterton Park by bus. 

Waterton Park is one of my favourite places. The flowers in springtime are spectacular. Just think of the quilting inspiration you can find! The list of activities is endless and you will be ‘Blown Away’ by the beautiful and immense Alberta sky.  

Shena Boes

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Is this job for you?

CQA/ACC is seeking a Conference Coordinator for the 2016 Quilt Canada. This job is a paid position.

What do you need to do this job?

Are you a proactive, logical, efficient person?  Do you have effective time management skills?  Your excellent communication abilities could be used in organizing our 2016 Quilt Canada Conference!

Please contact for the job description and to express your interest.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Lollygagging to Lethbridge - 3

Well, to get back to our trip this month (I think I got a little side-tracked with Christmas and the holidays).

On the road again - we just left Dryden, ON and are heading down the TransCanada Highway on to Kenora where the Lake of the Woods Quilters’ Guild meets. Their small group just had a quilt show at the local museum featuring 60 quilts from their members.

Keeping to the TransCanada Highway in this “wilderness” area of the province, we got to see some wildlife and lots and lots of trees.

Now we are travelling through the coldest part of Canada - I shudder to think of these cold days, with the wind blowing across the prairies - I sure hope we've got lots of quilts to keep us warm at night! BRRR!!!

Crossing the border into Manitoba, we checked CQA/ACC’s guild membership list to find many guilds that could be visited:
Winnipeg has the Manitoba Prairie Quilters with over 300 members from all over the province and workshops that focus on member interest - their latest being “People in Nature” in Dec.
Barnswallow Quilters in Morden meets every week on Wednesday afternoons and quilt on Monday evenings. They first started meeting in a barn - bet that was a little cool in the winter months.
While in Morden (which is about 1 ½ km sw of Winnipeg), we visited the Quilters’ Den to check out all the neat fabric they have (how could we quilters go by a quilt shop without checking out fabric?)
Country Lane Quilters meet in Portage la Prairie, MB on the 3rd Monday of the month.
Nifty Needlers (Brandon) are also a busy group, meeting every other Wednesday, fall to spring.

Although there were other guilds and shops to stop at in Manitoba, we have to keep moving - we’re just a little over a third of the way to Lethbridge. We received quite a few inches this past week, which has helped get us this far. More than we thought, as many guilds don’t meet in December or just meet for a “Christmas Party” (with lots of good food, of course).
So keep sending those inches to We have a little over 5 months of sewing and sharing to get us to Lethbridge in time for Quilt Canada 2015 on June 4-6, 2015.