Thursday, 22 January 2015

Membership Director - Laine Canivet

It is always fun to write about members of the Board, because it is a chance to show you just how much fun and friendship is available on the Board.  Don't get me wrong, we do alot of work, mostly through the hundred or so emails that fill up our inboxes daily, but all of that is worth it at the end of the day.

One such board member who has not been highlighted here  makes us laugh till we cry, keeps us in shape during board meetings and brings fabulous snacks.

It is none other than our current Membership Director Laine Canivet. If you run into her at a conference, she is the one promoting CQA/ACC in her gentle manner, encouraging quilters to enter the NJS and completely interested in whomever she is chatting with.

Under The Leaves

What always comes to our minds when we think of Laine is her exceptional attention to detail. Prior to moving into the Membership role, she was our Secretary. Her minutes were incredible, her notes on topics were exact and you could always count on her to find that resolution or comment that was made.  We still rely on her when we need information not readily at our fingertips that rather requires some digging.

Danish Village

It was Laine who spearheaded and single handedly organized and launched our first ever quilt tour around Canada.  The hours she put in just prepping the quilts to be turned into greeting cards is overwhelming and shows of her dedication to our organization.

Machu Pichou

When she is not immersed in our organization, you can find her doing yoga, biking, and working in her studio.
What is wonderful is that she shares much of her knowledge with us. At the last board meeting, after sitting for a few hours, she had us all doing yoga stretches - working on whatever part of our body was sore. It was wonderful!
Tribal Colours

Laine is always willing to show us whatever latest art quilt technique she has learned with us and often brings her work with her so we can admire her results.
There have been times at conferences when she shows her hidden sense of humour. One such time, in Penticton, she had a board member laughing until midnight, barely able to breathe, because she was being so funny.

Laine truly is a professional, dedicated to CQA/ACC, a dear friend to the board members and a talented art quilter. The best thing about Laine is that she is always up for splitting a decadent dessert with you!

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