Thursday, 27 March 2014

Winter Wonderland - Member Challenge

When the Director at Large, Laine Canivet, put out a new challenge, she had no idea of the number of entries that would come pouring in.  Nor could she have ever imagined the stunning quilts that interpreted the theme of 'Winter Wonderland'.   
The quilts will be seen either on our blog or in 'The Canadian Quilter' magazine.

This is part 1 of the challenge entries.   These quilters have incredible talent.  
Thanks so much for our sponsor for the generous prizes!

 by Susan Wilson
This is a quilt I designed to try a new product – Charlotte’s Web by Superior Threads.  It made the machine appliqué process so much nicer, as there was no stickiness resulting from fusible web.

As I love winter and in particular crisp mornings, when I can get out for a bit of communing with nature on the local Nordic Ski Trails, this image represents winter for me.  The icing on the cake is when there are glittery snowflakes gently falling as I glide along alone with my thoughts! 

by Mary K Hopkins
This piece which I call "Calm After The Storm" is based on a copyright free photo with a background of my own design.
The materials used include organza, upholstery fabric, cotton, embroidery thread and paint.

I lived in the country for around ten years and the toil the winter took on all its inhabitants was cruel. The expression and body language of the doe seems to be one of weary but calm resignation.  I think most of we snow-bound people are feeling that about now.

by Heather Stewart
“Winter Challenge” with the Mahone Bay Quilting Bee and the Cove Quilters.  We were each given a piece of the sky fabric and some snowflake buttons and told to make a winter themed quilt.  We did several small quilt challenges over two years.  This was my favourite.

by Marg Conibear
"Winter at Honora"  is a winter scene at my "camp" on Manitoulin Island before the bay freezes over. This  scene also tells a story about the low level of the  Great Lakes. When this  dock was built it was barely above water. Now it sits high and dry - a reminder of the change.

by Sandra Betts
Cold, cold weather inspired the flight of the birds  to the warmth of the south. This original piece features free motion stitching and puff paints.

 by Kaaren L. Biggs
I call this 'Winter Weekends'.     It was made for my son who lives near Regina, SK and loves to snowmobile on the weekends.    This sofa-sized quilt is extra long since he is 6' 7" tall and it's meant for him to snuggle with after being out in the cold and snow!

 by Kay Dion
 This wallhanging depicts a common winter scene found near my home and is only my second attempt at a landscape quilt. I was inspired to begin after attending Quilt Canada in Halifax where I purchased this kit from the "Running Stitch", pattern is by Linda Hobbs. I substituted some of the fabric with my own, added the bright cardinal and other details with free motion quilting. The edges are finished with a facing rather than a traditional binding.

by Leah Gravells
Winter on the Prairies
 I have been inspired by the endless blue sky and the frozen land on the prairies. The telephone poles are the only distraction on the land. Blending 73 fabrics using 3/4" wide strips created this original design. The "quilt as you go" technique was used to piece the strips and finish the design.  I used raw edge appliqué to attach the telephone poles. 

by Rhoda Forbes
 I like the beauty and quietness that winter brings, and every now and then a shot of beautiful color, like the blue jay in my piece.  This piece is machine raw edge applique, I used Pebeo setacolor paints to enhance the fabric. 

by Kaaren L. Biggs
This is a table runner I made a couple of years ago because the scenic fabric seemed perfect for it! I have always wanted to own a log cabin in the woods and along with a cozy fireplace in the winter and my sewing machine.

by Kaaren L. Biggs
This is a wallhanging made with a product that was new to me - Fabric Magic by Pellon. It "shrinks" the layered fabric for a gathered look!

 by Pat Golem   
 This is an original piece called 'Frosty Windows'.  It is a digital photo taken out of my kitchen window and printed on fabric then thread painted and quilted.  

Friday, 21 March 2014

Leftover Fabric

Ever have leftover fabric?  You simply can't throw it out, but to put small chunks in your stash sometimes seem a bit cumbersome.   Why not just whip up some small projects right away and be done with that leftover fabric.

One idea is to make a cute mug rug.  Cindy Simpson, one of our amazing Regional Representatives, sent this mug rug along with her Trend-Tex challenge.  She called it 'loose circuit'.   I am not sure if she is referring to her little quilt or me!
Mug rugs make a quick and thoughtful gift.

Another fun way is to make a pin cushion. Riley Blake Fabrics has a whole section of their website just on pin cushion patterns.

Or how about some cute bookmarks?

How about some fun key chains? Here is a tutorial to make them.
Photo courtesy of 'Craftiness is Not Optional' blog

What do you do with your scraps?

Jackie W.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Fun Tips and Giggles #15

Here is a fun little post on creativity, learning not to give up and enjoying a laugh.

This is a really great article called '18 Things Creative People Do Differently'.  It gives great insight into how as quilters, we think a bit differently than others.  My favourite quote is "The things that stand out the most are the paradoxes of the creative self ... Imaginative people have messier minds."  Can't you just interpret that as we are imaginative therefore must have messier studios?

Have you ever been rejected from something?  Maybe a juried quilt show?  Some of us have been there on occasion; some of us are there quite often.  Here is a fabulous rejection letter that U2, the world famous music group received.

And do you ever watch the funny comedy 'Big Bang Theory'?   One of there main actors was promoting quilting!

Amy Farrah Fowler said last week on the show that she was a 'HARDCORE quilter!'

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Walk to Brock #6

After grabbing the plane in Fort McMurray we landed in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with its average 2380.8 hours of sunshine per year and more Tim Hortons per capita than in any other city in Canada. Also, it probably has the only perogie drive thru in Canada. Some famous people from Saskatoon include Joni Mitchell (musician), Farley Mowat (author) and Gordie Howe (former NHL player). 

 Saskatoon Quilters Guild is a CQA/ACC member guild and this is their website.

When reporting their February inches, Osoyoos, B.C noted that one of their Snowbirds contributed 6600 inches by making fifty baby blankets for an orphanage in Bolivia. How awesome is that?  A sub-group of the Niagara Heritage Quilt Guild, ON, called "Project Smile, make quilts for kids with cancer. Since September they delivered 89 quilts for a total of 26,128 inches. Whoot, whoot!  And from Timmins ON: We’re doing a special “bring a friend” and show and tell night in March so looking to collect lots of inches there!!!

Several guilds reported something similar to the following; “We were very pleased to receive a letter and fat quarter from the Inuvik guild thanking us for our participation. That was really nice of them to do that. Their enclosed information brochures were tempting us for a future visit.”  Thanks Inuvik guild!

NEWS FLASH:  We had extend the deadline for our walk to get to Brock. Our route is a HUGE challenge so we will count inches until June 11/2014 – the opening day of Quilt Canada 2014.
So - keep ‘em coming!