Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Fun Tips and Giggles #15

Here is a fun little post on creativity, learning not to give up and enjoying a laugh.

This is a really great article called '18 Things Creative People Do Differently'.  It gives great insight into how as quilters, we think a bit differently than others.  My favourite quote is "The things that stand out the most are the paradoxes of the creative self ... Imaginative people have messier minds."  Can't you just interpret that as we are imaginative therefore must have messier studios?

Have you ever been rejected from something?  Maybe a juried quilt show?  Some of us have been there on occasion; some of us are there quite often.  Here is a fabulous rejection letter that U2, the world famous music group received.

And do you ever watch the funny comedy 'Big Bang Theory'?   One of there main actors was promoting quilting!

Amy Farrah Fowler said last week on the show that she was a 'HARDCORE quilter!'


  1. Yes, I noticed Amy said that, but... if she truly was a quilter would we not have seen some of here work by now on the show, even if a UFO or a WIP? I don't recall seeing any quilting on the show... and gee, that ugly kitchen chair she is standing behind sure could use a patchwork cover on the back. Can you see a 8 point start chair cover there?

  2. LOL, I just said exactly the same thing as Susan on the Sew Sister's blog, on this same topic. I agree totally -- a hardcore quilter would have an apartment full of quilted stuff.

  3. Is it possible that she thinks identifying herself as a quilter makes her look even nerdier? Maybe she isn't a quilter at all.