Wednesday, 29 April 2015

National Juried Show (NJS) - A Must See Show

Alaskan Nasturium -
Catherine Sloan & Janet Rice-Bredin
2014 Winner
Quilt Canada 2015 is just over 5 weeks away, and everything is starting to come together.  The jury has completed their very difficult task of deciding which quilts have made it in to this prestigious show.  There are 129 gorgeous quilts in the National Juried Show this year!  I can't wait to see them. (To see who made it, see blog on the Finalists)

Canada is very well represented at the NJS. A quilt or two from almost every province!  There are even international entries: two from the United States and one all the way across the ocean, from Great Britain.  CQA/ACC and the LOC are thrilled with the response from quilters who answered the Call for Entry and they can't wait to get the quilts up and hanging so that these amazing works of art will be seen by people from all across this great country of ours.  I personally am looking forward to being Blown Away!
Windswept Snow - Tracey Lawko
2014 Winner


And after you've seen the NJS, you can take in the other quilt (or concurrent) shows, that will be on display at the same time at the University of Lethbridge.  

EVERYONE is welcome!

There will be the:
  • Trend-Tex Challenge show, featuring quilts made with a specific challenge fabric that will be auctioned off,

  • Invitational Show, featuring quilts by LOC members, teachers and CQA/ACC board members, and

That's 5 different, and fabulous quilt shows - all being held at one location at the same time!  No wonder Quilt Canada 2015 is a destination event! 

Mark it on your calendar and start counting the days.
We hope to see you there! 

Shena Boes

Sunday, 26 April 2015

What are you Working on now? - Part 2

To continue with "what are you up to?"
Lots of UFO's and Guild/Member Challenges as well as some personal challenges too!
Great Job - we love to see, especially and also to hear what you are working on - our very own Quilt Show!

Barb Schan

Barb: This began as I attempted to follow a Missouri Star Quilt Company video. However I did not have the right ruler so I made it big, for me, to quilt and put on my dining room wall.  The centre will be quilted to look like seeds to enhance the Black-Eyed Susan look.

Dana Barresi

This is what Diane Barresi is working on now.....

Diane Sanci


Diane Sanci must get the binding on this quilt for the upcoming Westshore Quilters' Guild quilt show! (April 17-18 at Eagle Ridge Community Centre in Langford).


Georgia Andrews
                                                                                   Georgia Andrews - This is a photo of current project - "Mother and Child".  I started this - designed and pieced (fused applique) in June 2011 (yes!) shortly after the birth of my granddaughter, Zara.  It was put on hold so many times - as it was, undoubtedly, miles above my skill level as a new art quilter!  After lots of revision, I am FINALLY finishing the thread-painting on the faces. It should be ready in time for Zara's 4th Birthday!!!

Linda Garland


Sylvie Lajoie

 Linda Garland - Moberly Lake, BC
This is a "fractured" nine patch to make a smaller lap quilt.  The squares are trimmed at 7.5 inches.
I will be doing it up with black narrow sashing in a "Quilt as you go" method.

I have always wanted to do something in neutral white, grays and blacks.

Sylvie Lojoie is a textile artist living in Montréal, Québec and I love doing quilts with mixed-media (paper, acrylic, founded objects, painted and recycled textiles.

Right now I’m doing a quilt with 4 squares (average 30 inches by 30 inches each) with interior swatches of textiles, paper and acrylic.

This is my first square that is not finished yet.

Wendy Cooper

 Wendy Cooper - started this last night. It's a French braid quilt using three braids.
It's for my very good friend who lives purple. I have been picking up all kinds of purple batik fat quarters all winter. I had a hard time deciding a design but finally settled on the braid. It's fast and so pretty.


Lorrie Barber

This is the Mystery Quilt that Lorrie is quilting at the moment.

Our Guild, Trent Valley Quilters' Guild is having their show, "Fabric of Our Lives", June 6th & 7th, 2015 in Brighton and there will be several Mystery Quilts on display.  Kim Diehl designed this quilt, "Hearthside Memories" and it was in The American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine in 2002.  Our Guild obtained permission from her to make this quilt.  

Carole Gold

Carole Gold has been preparing for the first stage of the Quilt Judge Certification Programme - which means working through lots of "pre-work" exercises!

I've attached a process photo showing my work table at the beginning of a recent line exercise. This challenge entailed cutting random strips from complementary colours, and then creating a composition that covered the white base fabric.

And, "that's" what I'm working on right now! (since the end of January, actually!)

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Tablet Bag - Update

Preparations for Quilt Canada 2015 are entering their final phase. The event is just over a month away now!  As of this writing, the LOC have received 233 tablet bags!  We thank you for your incredibly generous support! We appreciate how you have taken the time in your own busy lives to sew something as a gift for someone whom you likely have never met.  Such is the amazing generosity of a quilter! 

If you were still planning to make a tablet bag but have not gotten around to it yet, or have made one but have not sent it, please know that we require more bags and are still accepting them until mid-May.
Please note: If you have made one and will be attending Quilt Canada 2015 personally,  Pjam Swen wanted me to pass on that you can save on postage and deliver them in person as well.  If you will be bringing the finished tablet bag with you, please email Pjam ( to let her know how many bags you will be bringing and when you are arriving so that she can add the numbers to her tally.  

You can still mail your bags to: Pjam Swen, 
#1507 22 Ave.  
Coaldale, AB  T1M 1E4

Thank you to everyone who helped  in making QC2015 a memorable event!
Shena Boes

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Tracey Lawko - Fibre Artist

Tracey Lawko, an award-winning quilter and textile artist, was recently the guest speaker at the Niagara Heritage Quilters Guild in St. Catharines where I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions.
Tracey in her studio

How did you get started?

I started with embroidery when I was very young. I’ve always liked sewing and handwork. About 20 years ago I took a hand quilting class at a local shop and haven’t looked back. There’s so much variety in quilting. I joined York Heritage Quilters Guild and I kept taking classes and trying different techniques and styles.

What was your first National Juried Show Entry?

I joined CQA when I entered the National Juried Show in 2008. I was very pleasantly surprised when my quilt “Linear Progression” was accepted. I went to St. John’s Newfoundland for the show and really enjoyed it. I’m now a CQA Certified Quilt Judge and I had the honour of judging the 2012 NJS in Halifax with Margie Davidson and Leone Strukoff. I’ve been to several conferences and always enjoy reconnecting with friends and seeing all the beautiful quilts.

Linear Progression


In your presentation you talk about creativity and experimentation…how does this factor into your work?

I believe that everyone is creative but we express our creativity in different ways. Experimenting, trying things, failing and succeeding are ways in which we learn and they are important steps to finding our individual artistic voice. I developed my technique for my densely stitched landscapes and my three-dimensional still-life as the result of experimenting with my longarm to see what I could do. And of course, I continue to try new things.

Tell us about your piece in “It’s Time for Colour” 

Water Play” is all about experimentation and play. I was interested in learning about wet felting and I signed up for a class with Carol Seeley at Quilt Canada 2014 in St. Catharines. I had no plan or design in mind, I just wanted to learn how it was done. I picked out some green, blue, and purple (an analogous colour scheme that I like) as well as some white and black wool roving, then layered and arranged the coloured wool in a pleasing pattern…something that indicated movement. I wet and soaped it; mixed in a few other miscellaneous yarns; and then rolled and rolled and rolled; and finally washed and rinsed it to make a piece of felt. It was a fairly uneven first attempt, but a good learning experience. When CQA requested a piece for the “It’s Time for Colour” show, this seemed the perfect starting point.
Water Play from It's Time for Colour

Back in my studio, I thought the result looked like water with plants floating in it, so I went with that. I set the felt on some cotton fabric and started free-motion stitching with various threads on my APQS Freedom longarm. I stitched a bit with my Janome 6600 too. I incorporated a few additional yarns and metallic threads. At one point I thought I might add some contrasting complementary colours (maybe peach, apricot or yellow-orange). However, when I auditioned those bits I thought they were too strong and detracted from the flow of the piece. I decided that the vibrant blue would have to carry the day in terms of colour. In this way the piece developed organically. I just tried things as I went along to see what would happen. I guess this is what happens when you play with water!

Windsweot Snow

What is your favourite quilt?

It’s usually my most recent piece.  “Windswept Snow” is a particular favourite and I was thrilled that the Canadian Quilter chose it for the cover of the Winter 2014 issue. I’m currently working on a new body of work with larger pieces that will be exhibited at David Kaye Gallery in Toronto in March 2016. I’m very excited about this new work.


How long does it take to do a piece?

The short answer is months though it’s not as straightforward as that. Every piece is different. There are many steps to creating my landscapes and still-life and the first steps are impossible to measure. I never know where the initial inspiration will come from, maybe a plant in my garden, the light on a particular day, something I see as I’m driving through the countryside or an event of some sort. 

Once I realize “I want to do that”, there is an incubation period that is sometimes short and sometimes long. At that stage I’m consciously and subconsciously thinking through the approach, the design, the technique and how I might achieve my desired final result. After that I put pencil to paper and lay out the composition, collect materials, and get underway…for months!

Tracey likes to focus her energy on her studio work but does speak to groups where she encourages quilters to develop their creativity.

Looking forward to seeing what Tracey has entered in this year's National Juried Show in Lethbridge, AB.......

Thursday, 16 April 2015

So What are You Working on - Part 1

WOW - what an overwhelming response. We wanted to know what you were working on and you've shared some amazing projects and talent!

Spring is here - well maybe not for everyone. But spring fever is. And our quilters are hard at work whipping up new quilts and finishing off some started ones (aka UFO, PhP, WIP to name a few).

We will be featuring our quilters' pictures, with some of their comments:

Cindy Simpson

Cindy is working on a colour challenge (the peach square in the top left) for their first ever quilt show with the Cochrane QG (Alberta) - Sat. Oct. 17. Details will be available on CQA/ACC Events website.

Linda Schmidt

 Linda's current project.

Carol Magee

Carol  has 2 more rows to go.

Laura Coia

Laura is just finishing up this project.
'​N​eed to hand sew it closed and I'm done. 
I used Te​xture ​Magic to get the flower so puffy.'

Jaynie Himsl

Jaynie is working on her second  Flying Creek topographic map interpretation.
Cording made with embroidery floss and yarn are couched to a base.  12" x

She says, "I wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow, I'm excited to see what it's going to look like."

Shirley Jobson

 Shirley - 'A disappearing nine patch - very large queen (I think closer to King)
Practising my free-motion quilting.  Still set-in triangles and border to

Marg Conibear

Marg - 'Appliqué finished today. Blocks sewn together. Quilting next.'


Evelyn Smith

Evelyn - "This is my Piecemaker's 2003 Times and Seasons quilt that I'm making for my children. One for each. Hoping to have done by the end of the year. A huge endeavour but, I'm enjoying the journey."

Arja Speelman

Arja is still working on some Fall Leaves which are almost done. 
It is raw edged appliqued and quilted. Size: 23" X 23".
She is going to have it framed like a painting. 

Stay tuned for more quilts from our Canadian Quilters!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


All you have to do is leave a comment and ask your friends to like our page. Draw closes April 17th.
“Soft Touch® Cotton Batting” made by Fairfield. It is a 100% cotton queen size quilt bat.
Soft Touch® Cotton Batting is made of surgical grade, bleached white cotton which makes it ideal for whole cloth quilts. It is extremely soft, seed-free and easy to needle. It handles like a blanket and will give the appearance of an antique quilt when finished and washed. It can also be dyed for use as fabric on the outside of an art quilt. Weight: 3 oz. / sq. yd. and is 100% bleached cotton.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Special! Special!

Quilt Canada 2015 is quickly approaching and many of us are finalizing our travel plans for the event. I think it's safe to say that all of us are aware that there is an airport in Calgary, but it may be lesser known that there is an airport in Lethbridge as well. It is small, but very functional. 

To get from the airport to the University of Lethbridge where Quilt Canada 2015 is being hosted, you will need to take a taxi. And we’re very pleased to inform you that the LOC has pre-arranged with one of the local taxi companies, Royal Taxi, a special flat rate of $30 for anyone who is here for the show and needs to get from the airport to the University.

NOTE:  You will need to mention to them specifically that you are traveling for Quilt Canada to get this special rate.

That's one less thing to worry about planning for. 

Now you can spend your time thinking about all the amazing things you'll buy at the merchant mall instead!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

It's Here!

It's Time For Colour travelling show has finally reached Ontario. It seems like it's been everywhere already.
Herbie or is it Herbie 2 arrived late Wednesday afternoon. It was exciting to hang the quilts from this suitcase at The Quilting Bee on Hwy 20 in Fonthill for Apr. 9-11. Pictures of these quilts are amazing but seeing the quilts in person is so much better. Can't believe the work that has gone into these quilts.

And of course, everyone is invited to come to see the works of "award-winning" quilters.

These quilts will be packed up again and off to Quilters by the Square in Goderich for Apr 13 - 18th. Then off to the New Millenium Quilt Guild meeting on April 21st and the 5 Star Quilt Guild meeting on Apr. 22nd.
Next they will travel to the International Centre in Toronto for Creativ Festival April 24 and 25th, with a final stop in Espanola later in April.
Soon these quilts will be making their final trip to Lethbridge where they will be on display for all the visitors of Quilt Canada 2015 to see. Just a few quilts are left to purchase - what an overwhelming response!!
A donation cheque will be presented to the Children's Wish Foundation of Canada at the final banquet in Lethbridge.Thank you to everyone who has purchased quilts and cards - You have helped make some children's wishes come true.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Stockings Needed

Hi Everyone!

We have received a request for help from the Children's Wish Foundation of Canada.

They have requested our help to make a number of Christmas stockings in various sizes that will be filled with donated items and raffled at a Ladies Night. The stockings may be suitable for children or adults, but the items donated to fill them will be for adults, so think large for wine bottles, small for gift certificates and any sizes in between.

The stockings can be mailed by October 15, 2015 to:
Ginny Goulet
Box 128

Monarch, AB T0L 1M0

If you make one, be sure to send us a picture and we will post it!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Member's Approach - Last Installment

The Trend-Tex 2015 challenge

The final placements!
WOW – the deadline is a month away as I write this…  where is the time going!!!
The fusible pattern pieces are now affixed to the back of the fabrics, and precisely cut out.  Time to be put in place with the aid of an “overlay”.  The paper backing of the fusible web product is removed, and the fussy placement begins.


The overlay is a transparent tissue paper that I have traced the whole picture onto.  This will allow me to place the pieces onto the background fabrics and not have the quilt look like a Dali impression. 


kite overlay

The overlay is pinned along only one edge to the background so I can flip it up and ensure a good placement of the fused pieces.  The pieces, without the paper backing, can be fused to the background once in place, without having to lift up again!


At this time I can also play with the layout a little, and redo, reshape with the scissors, or even re-cut a new piece if I don’t like how the piece is coming together or decide to change the colour/fabric choice!
overlay kite 1


pressed in place

Once satisfied with the layout, I take the iron to the pieces – ensuring that they are pressed – NOT ironed! A Teflon press sheet is highly recommended – as you don’t want to have any of the fusible webbing to be affixed to the iron!
Pieces are now “down”, the mid-arm is oiled and threaded ready to go!  Time to add the “dimension” to the kites blowing in the wind and memories of my dad – young at heart, wind at his back!

See you in Lethbridge in June! 
Lezley Zwaal, Edmonton AB

ps don't forget to get you finished Trend-Tex Challenge into Linda Schmidt by April 3, 2015.