Monday, 18 August 2014

Meet Another CQA/ACC Board Member

                   “Whatever you do, do with your might.
                 Things done in halves are never done right!”

This rhyming couplet describes Marilyn Michelin’s philosophy of life. Whatever the task, she is able to focus and pour all her energy into it until completed. Sometimes the task was raising a son as a single mom and earning a university degree while teaching full time.  Sometimes the task was organizing food for a school BBQ for 500 people. Sometimes the task was a 3 year project to host Quilt Canada at Brock University.

You’ve guessed it. Marilyn is a detailed organizer. 

My Jinny Beyer Quilt - Around the World
Her quilting room is organized with bins of fabric according to colour or season. Her threads, rulers, templates, batting all have their place. She generously shares these resources with others who are learning to quilt or are in need of material. Her completed quilts are stashed high in a closet or out on display for all to enjoy.

Loyalty is an attribute that Marilyn possesses as well. Her loyalty is evident in the care of her family or organizations for which she has volunteered to serve using her computer and organizing skills.
She loves living by policies and bylaws which keep an organization running smoothly. This organization could be the flying club, the teachers’ union or the local quilting guild. Yes, Marilyn had a pilot’s licence, is a retired teacher and a past president of Niagara Heritage Quilters’ Guild.
  As a quilter, this is
    M - many quilts          
    A - affirming others    
    R - resources             
     I - independent          
     L - loyalty                   
    Y - yards and yards   
    N - neat stacks.          
Some of my quilts

A new challenge energizes Marilyn. Her newest challenge is serving on the board of directors for CQA/ACC as Director at Large. Her many talents and years of experience will be an asset to the board where she will give generously of her time and resources.

Evelyn Lawrence
Friend of Marilyn

Rug Class with Al Cote, displayed in my garden
My First Landscape


  1. What a beautiful way to photograph your sunflower quilt.

    1. Can't tell that I love sunflowers - Of course, I had my friend help me with the pictures too. thanks Marilyn