Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Did you ever want to quilt in the park in the summer?

Some of us seem to stop quilting in the summer - it's too hot!

A group of avid quilters from the Niagara Falls QG want to keep on meeting and quilting. They meet informally in the local "Stamford Centre Volunteer Firemen's Park". As an added bonus, the community is made aware of the skills involved in quilting and the wide variety of quilts that have been made by local quilters.

Every Tuesday night, these women bring their supper, their hand work, lawn chairs, and quilting magazines to the park all summer long. 

Not only do they quilt, but magazines are shared and a lot of "show and tell" happens, too.

Stage for musical performers while people sit on the hill to listen

Around 7:00 pm each week, the Stamford Centre Volunteer Firemen's Association brings in a different group to provide a variety of music to listen to. 

A good time for friends and quilting too.


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