Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Stitch Across Canada - Month #2

Canadian  quilters across the country are putting in an effort that has never been seen before in the history of quilting!  With determination and thread they are trying to get from Newfoundland to British Columbia, and if last month was any indication of their perseverance, they are going to do it!

Let's pop in a few statistics.   In September, 39 guilds entered their inches, in October 61 came out and tallied their totals!  Way to go quilters.

The total inches doubled from September to October.  Here we are all the way to almost Val D'or Quebec.   (The black and white quilt block is marking our progress each month.) We are making a stop here till next month, so everybody better practice saying this:

Ou se trouve le plus proche magasin de la courtepointe?  (Where is the nearest quilt store?)

This guild demonstrated the caring and compassion of Canadian quilters.   Anne Marie Pearle writes:

Our guild, Paradise Village Quilters in  Nova Scotia, is adding our inches to the challenge of Quilt Across Canada.  To date, we have 10,878 inches.   We have been very busy the past couple months.  One of our main contributors to this are all the baby/children quilts we are making for the IWK Children’s Hospital in Halifax.  I think this is also motivating to many of our guild members to finish some of those UFOs so we can add up more inches.  We  are so very pleased to be able to add this big a number for such a small group (30 members).   

Can you believe the dedication of this little group?   You guys have spirit!

Keep racking up those inches quilters, and we will see where we go next month!


  1. Thanks for bringinng attention to our quilts for the IWK in Halifax. We are a small guild but we sure do produce quilts.

  2. Way to go Paradise Village and the rest of you Canadian Quilters. You seem to be stitching up quite a distance.