Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Summer Quilt Fun

Can you believe summer is almost upon us?   I can hardly wait.  Swimming, strawberries and chocolate sauce, gardening, ice cream cones, bonfires, roasting marshmallows, sunsets, s'mores and the list goes on.   If you noticed that food cropped up a lot, you are right.  I love eating 'junk' food in the summer.  Almost as much as I love doing handwork on my deck while enjoying the weather.  Luckily I can usually manage to do both at the same time!   

Do you work on different quilt projects in the summer compared to the fall or winter?   It would be an interesting topic to look at to see if quilters do bigger projects in the cooler months or if they do more handwork in the summer months.   I think we can agree that we don't do handwork outside in December.  At least not in Northern Ontario we don't!  Although I have taken many a picture of a quilt outside in the winter as the white background and lighting do make gorgeous photos.  

I thought as you pondered your seasonal quilting practices, you may want to hop to some fun sites.

First off is Vivian's blog.  She served as Secretary for three years on the CQA/ACC Board.  

Our wonderful friends at Trend-Tex Fabrics Inc. who so generously donate all the fabric for our Trend-Tex Challenge fundraiser we do each year, say this on their website:

Trend-Tex Fabrics Inc is the leading Wholesale Distributor in Canada for quilt shops and manufactures. We are proud to represent some of the best fabric companies in the world such as Alexander Henry, Benartex, Hoffman, Michael Miller, Moda, RJR Fabrics, Stof.

One of the fantastic fabric companies they bring into Canada is Moda.  Did you know that Moda has a website that offers tutorials using their pre-cuts.  They have a new one every two days!   If you look under their 'Recipes', all their tutorials are broken down by categories.  If you want to find a fun quilt to make, just click 'Quilts' and there is a picture of all their quilts along with the pattern  all for free!   

Our 2012 NJS winners are up on our website.  Laine Canivet was the photographer.  Go and take a look to see the best in Canada!  Next year it could be you, so get designing.

Lastly, I am probably not supposed to mention this, but I have just seen a sneak peek of the item that members and guilds are going to be asked to make for QUILT BC 2013..... and it is stinkin' cute!   You are going to definitely want to give this a go.   Sshhh......more on that later.

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