Saturday, 6 February 2016

Counting Inches #3

Great news!

After totaling up the inches from December and January meetings, we are able to announce that we’ve made it as far as Winnipeg, MB. This is amazing as there were some guilds who didn’t have a meeting in December.

It’s a good thing we are making progress. Going through these COLD months (and also the colder provinces right now), we sure need all those quilts to keep warm! 

Don’t forget to send your inches to Marilyn at We'd like to make it to Toronto in time for Quilt Canada 2016!

Here are some pictures of Show and Tell:

Quilt from Annapolis Valley Quilters
Quilt of Valour quilt that was quilted by one of their members.

Victoria QG

Manitoba Quilters - one of their ABC (Adults, Babies, Children) quilts

Nanaimo QG 

Kemptville Quilters 

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