Sunday, 24 August 2014

It’s Time for Colour!

CQA/ACC is hitting the road! 
 We want people all across this country to know who we are and what we do! What better way than to showcase our amazing talent by sending two quilt shows travelling from one end of the country to the other and up to the top. The shows will hit most of the provinces and territories between January 2015 and May 2015 before they end up at Quilt Canada in Lethbridge Alberta June 4 – 6, 2015. ( So far, they will be shown in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island. And maybe a couple more – just not arranged yet!
Every quilt will be made by a quilter who has won an award at our prestigious Canadian National Juried Show. See this year’s winners at

 These master quilters are generously donating a 12” by 16” quilt based on the theme ‘It’s Time for Colour!'  Our Regional Representatives will arrange showings of the quilts in their areas of the country. Each show will be displayed at quilt guilds, quilt shops, galleries, community centres, churches, libraries etc. Exact locations are still being worked out.

It gets better!!
All quilts will be for sale for $200 each, plus tax. Beautiful greeting cards featuring the quilts will also be sold wherever the quilts are displayed. All proceeds will be donated to a most worthy organization:  “The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada” (  In November, we will display images of all the quilts along with purchasing information.

We plan to tell you more about these talented Canadian artists and their quilts as they are being made and as they travel across the country. Sign up to follow this blog so you don’t miss anything.

Just as a teaser, you can go and see what Maggie Vanderweit  and Coreen Zerr have done so far.

Laine C.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Meet Another CQA/ACC Board Member

                   “Whatever you do, do with your might.
                 Things done in halves are never done right!”

This rhyming couplet describes Marilyn Michelin’s philosophy of life. Whatever the task, she is able to focus and pour all her energy into it until completed. Sometimes the task was raising a son as a single mom and earning a university degree while teaching full time.  Sometimes the task was organizing food for a school BBQ for 500 people. Sometimes the task was a 3 year project to host Quilt Canada at Brock University.

You’ve guessed it. Marilyn is a detailed organizer. 

My Jinny Beyer Quilt - Around the World
Her quilting room is organized with bins of fabric according to colour or season. Her threads, rulers, templates, batting all have their place. She generously shares these resources with others who are learning to quilt or are in need of material. Her completed quilts are stashed high in a closet or out on display for all to enjoy.

Loyalty is an attribute that Marilyn possesses as well. Her loyalty is evident in the care of her family or organizations for which she has volunteered to serve using her computer and organizing skills.
She loves living by policies and bylaws which keep an organization running smoothly. This organization could be the flying club, the teachers’ union or the local quilting guild. Yes, Marilyn had a pilot’s licence, is a retired teacher and a past president of Niagara Heritage Quilters’ Guild.
  As a quilter, this is
    M - many quilts          
    A - affirming others    
    R - resources             
     I - independent          
     L - loyalty                   
    Y - yards and yards   
    N - neat stacks.          
Some of my quilts

A new challenge energizes Marilyn. Her newest challenge is serving on the board of directors for CQA/ACC as Director at Large. Her many talents and years of experience will be an asset to the board where she will give generously of her time and resources.

Evelyn Lawrence
Friend of Marilyn

Rug Class with Al Cote, displayed in my garden
My First Landscape

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Lollygagging Along the Way to Lethbridge

From Brock University to
Calling all guilds! We had so much interest and fun in past years that we want to repeat the challenge. For this year’s “walk”, we would like to journey from Brock University in St. Catharines, ON to University of Lethbridge, AB where Quilt Canada 2015 is being held.

We have measured the track from QC2014 (St. Catharines ON) to QC 2015 (Lethbridge, AB), with a slight detour to Penticton (QC 2013). It is an amazing 5015.01km or 197,441,338.6 inches. That’s a lot of inches to collect, but I know that working together we can do it.

To avoid getting tired, we will  “lollygag” along the way - visit some member guilds and quilt shops as we travel from point to point. I have access to a fair number of these, but if you are along the way, let me know so that you can be included. (email to

to the University of Lethbridge
Here’s how it works. What you need to do is collect inches by measuring the perimeter (around the outside) of the quilts in your Show and Tell/Share, starting Sept. 1. 2014 until June 1, 2015. Send this total to Marilyn Michelin, Director At Large at each month.

Using the inches you send me, I will plot how far we go and will report our progress in a blog report at the end of each month, including, of course, all those interesting places where we’ve “lollygagged” along the way.

Please get your guild involved. Everyone loves finishing those UFO’s. See you in September!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Dog Days of Summer - Member Challenge

Dog Days is the name for the hottest and muggiest period of summer, from about July 3 to Aug. 11, around the time when Sirius (the dog star) is the brightest in the summer sky. Along with the heat, we get sunshine, thunderstorms, sometimes hail, and lots of humidity!

Many things are associated with the Dog Days of Summer. On the web we found: Dog Days of Summer Cocktail Shake-Off, a Fashion Show, 5K run, Adoption of Dogs (SPCA), Fairs, Cruises, Scavenger Hunt, Canine Festival & Contest, Photo contest, Pool Party, and so much more.

Most images have dogs in them, but what we are looking for is “how YOU survive the dog days of summer” as our current member challenge. (You may include your canine friend, but it’s not mandatory!)

Make your quilt - any size or shape; take a digital picture (high resolution approx 1MB) of it and email it to Marilyn Michelin at by September 20, 2014.
Don’t forget to include the following information: your name, your CQA/ACC member number, email address, a brief description of your quilt and any copyright information.

A judge will select first, second and third place winners who will get prizes generously donated by Kindred Spirits Quilt Co. of  St. Catharines, ON and you will be published in our next The Canadian Quilter magazine. All other entries will be featured on our blog.

PS. Make sure to take a good photograph. Take the photo in a well-lit area with no background distractions and, of course, ALL of your quilt in the picture with no parts cut off.


Monday, 28 July 2014

Meet Our New Vice President - Linda Schmidt

Spunk. That is the word that comes to mind when I think of our newest Vice President of CQA/ACC. 
The girl just has spunk. The dictionary defines it as courage, spirit and determination. Linda Schmidt has it all. Plus a smile that lights up a room.

We discovered this talented woman when we were in Penticton at Quilt BC 2013. She was the National Juried Show Coordinator... and so much more, as we soon discovered. She was organized to the last detail, efficient like none other and she is unflappable. We can't get that smile and calm demeanour off of her!  And we have tried. She just grins, takes the crisis and solves it. And we all just sigh and think 'thank goodness she represents Canadian quilters.'

'The Tree' done in 2008 for a challenge.

Who is Linda Schmidt, other than the woman who has these amazing qualities? She is super talented with her long arm machine and loves getting her quilts under the machine to do her magic.

Double Wedding Ring variation from McCall’s Quilting May 2011 issue.

Linda has recently fallen in love with modern quilts.  Her favourite thing about making quilts is doing the quilting on her long arm or less frequently on her domestic machine.

Being part of the  Quilt Canada 2013 Local Organizing Committee was such a rewarding experience that she thought working with the amazing board members would be even more fulfilling.  She tells us that she likes to organize and coordinate events so thought she would have something to contribute. 

Inspired by Louisa L. Smith’s book A New Twist on Strips ‘n Curves- titled ‘All Roads are Connected’, done in 2008.

I can tell you she has been with us for only a month and is definitely an asset to the Board. In due time will do a fantastic job at the helm of this wonderful organization of quilters! 

What completely sold us on Linda is when she said her favourite food was cinnamon buns! How can you not adore a quilter who loves cinnamon buns?

Please join me in welcoming Linda to the CQA/ACC Board of Directors.


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Fun Tips and Giggles #18

We are having so much fun these days, that we simply have to share it with you!

We are jumping into social media feet first and want you to come along with us and share the news with all your friends.

First off, did you know we have started a pinterest account?  Yessir, we are loving adding all sorts of great 'pins' to the boards.  Those of you that are unfamiliar with pinterest, it is a place where you can look for ideas or 'pins' that you then pin onto your bulletin boards.  They are all pictures and will link to the website the picture came from. It literally is a multitude of ideas. For example, we have boards and pins on guild programs, tutorials, black and white quilts and so much more.  You just have to check us out!

We are also set up with twitter. We are tweeting like crazy and would love for you to join us. Twitter is short little messages that you send out to fellow followers or 'tag' people that are also using twitter. For example, we tagged Aurifil in a tweet about how we were on the Gen Q blog and they sent it out to all their followers!

Our most recent addition to social media is Instagram. This is a platform to share pictures. Very fun and is done on a smart phone.

Many of you know that we are on facebook. We continue to increase our followers and thank you for constantly sharing our facebook page with your friends.

Lastly, but not least is the centre of our social media and the place where the centre of activity lies - our website. We have all our important information here.  Such as the list of certified judges and apprentice judges,  our galleries including the amazing NJS 2014 gallery, and up to date information on our next conference, Quilt Canada 2015 and we have listed all the teachers at it!

Here is your little giggle for the day=)


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Did you ever want to quilt in the park in the summer?

Some of us seem to stop quilting in the summer - it's too hot!

A group of avid quilters from the Niagara Falls QG want to keep on meeting and quilting. They meet informally in the local "Stamford Centre Volunteer Firemen's Park". As an added bonus, the community is made aware of the skills involved in quilting and the wide variety of quilts that have been made by local quilters.

Every Tuesday night, these women bring their supper, their hand work, lawn chairs, and quilting magazines to the park all summer long. 

Not only do they quilt, but magazines are shared and a lot of "show and tell" happens, too.

Stage for musical performers while people sit on the hill to listen

Around 7:00 pm each week, the Stamford Centre Volunteer Firemen's Association brings in a different group to provide a variety of music to listen to. 

A good time for friends and quilting too.