Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Youth Challenge

Every year, we promote and take on the Youth Challenge at CQA/ACC.
It is generously sponsored by Cantik Batiks/Contemporary Sewing Materials.

Reasons to do the Youth Challenge

We take this very seriously for a couple of reasons. The first is we want to promote our craft. We NEED to promote it to the younger generation so it continues to flourish in a time of technology and gadgets.  Kids need to know that creating with their hands is a creativity outlet all on it's own and is a good thing.  

We want our youth to know that quilting is easy and doable and teaches hand eye coordination, math, designing, colour theory and so much more.

Those are the super serious reasons. The next reason is it is just darn right fun to quilt with a child!   Seriously, have you tried it? Whether it is a 4 year old who can't reach the foot pedal or a 14 year old who is mastering the machine and designing all on their own, this is time well spent.  

We have a new volunteer Youth Coordinator this year, Ms. Rolanda Tovey, who has stepped forward to help us with this fun task.

This is a picture of the fabric for the Youth Challenge based on the theme 'My Favourite Game or Sport'.

What Is Involved?

1. Find a youth. It could be the token grand child, neighbour's kid, your youth, call the school and find one... they really are everywhere!

2. Request the fabric.   Go right here to do that. Find the guidelines here.

3. Teach the youth to make a quilt... here is the best part.. it can be any size!  So you don't have to make that king sized quilt the first go with your youth!

4. Fill out the very simple paperwork. Take a pic and enter!

5. Where it says you need a sponsor... you don't have to be a CQA/ACC member, just find someone who is.  If you can't, use me.. buzz me an email at pastpresident@canadianquilter.com and I will be honoured to be your sponsor!

Take a look at last year's entries to get inspired!

6. Why are you still reading.. go, go, go and start the Youth Challenge today!  

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Call For Quilt Instructors

Here is a call for instructors that was sent to us. If interested and you can't read this please email pastpresident@canadianquilter.com and I will email you the PDF. 

Monday, 17 August 2015


This giveaway is super fab!  It is up on our facebook here. 

Gütermann Thread – Canada’s Thread of Choice!

Gütermann 100% Cotton Machine Quilting Thread
Fine but strong, with a silk-like luster for those who prefer to sew with natural cotton. Gütermann natural cotton thread is a 100% longstaple Egyptian cotton sewing thread. Suitable for hand and machine sewing. This thread come in 6 convenient sizes to accommodate your quilting projects.  Cones sizes are excellent for long arm quilting machines.

Check it out and enter to win. Super easy and oohh... that thread is calling your name!

Monday, 10 August 2015

August Bulletin

We are trying out something new here. Below is our bulletin that our members get monthly. It gives them a chance to see what is going on in our national organization, and what is new and fun to participate in!

Take a look and see what you want to explore further!  

Youth Challenge 2016

Complete a quilt based on the theme "My Favourite Game or Sport" sponsored by Cantik Batiks.  This quilt must include all or part of a fabric square you will receive from our Youth Coordinator Volunteer, Rolanda Tovey.  CQA/ACC members may sponsor more than on entry.  Details found here.

Le défi Cantik Batiks pour les jeunes – 2016

Le défi Cantik Batiks pour les jeunes 2016 « Mon jeu ou sport favori » est disponible ici.

Quilt Canada 2016

Mark your calendars! Quilt Canada 2016 will be held June 15-18, 2016 at the International Centre, Toronto, Ontario.  We are pleased to be able to offer18 teachers and 50 workshops and lectures for you to choose from.  For more information or to volunteer for this exciting event contact Linda Schmidt at:  president@canadianquilter.com

NEW NJS Categories for Quilt Canada 2016

New NJS Categories - for a full description of each category please go here.

Call for Nominations-Autumn 2015

We're looking for you!  Join the Board of Directors and help shape the future of the CQA/ACC.
The position of Membership Director is open for nominations for the term commencing immediately.

Nominations are being accepted for Regional Representatives for the following provinces with the term commencing immediately:
New Brunswick 
Nova Scotia 
Prince Edward Island 

For more information on the positions above and nomination/appointment forms, please visit our website: www.canadianquilter.com or contact Leslie Whitby at: vicepresident@canadianquilter.com

Monday, 3 August 2015

We Want You to Volunteer With Us!


is coming to Toronto.  Be part of the Organizing Team!

Venue:  The International Centre, 6900 Airport Rd, Mississauga, ON
Dates:  June 15 – 18, 2016
For Quilt Canada 2016, the Board decided to take a new approach to planning this national event.  We hired a Conference Coordinator to manage the logistics of securing adequate space in Toronto, near the airport, booking the workshop teachers and the vendors for the merchant mall.  Now comes the most important part -- organizing the quilts and all the other details!
We are looking for your assistance in filling the very important roles listed below.  You will become part of the Organizing Committee who, along with the Board of Directors, will be Hosts of the Conference.  Please consider being part of the committee to make Quilt Canada 2016 the BEST CONFERENCE EVER!
We need strong candidates for these Key Positions: 
National Juried Show Coordinator                           Concurrent Shows Coordinator
 Volunteer Coordinator                                               Publicity Coordinator
Workshop Coordinator Assistant                                            Merchant Mall Coordinator Assistant
Logistics Coordinator                                                   Signage Coordinator
Tours and Events Coordinator

Job Descriptions:  Are available on the CQA/ACC website under Events.  http://www.canadianquilter.com/events/quilt-canada-2016-jobs.php.  You can participate in the Organizing Committee via email and electronic conferencing but will be needed on site for the conference.  (Accommodation will be available when necessary.) The time commitment for each position varies and is listed in the descriptions.

The CQA Conference Coordinator, Liz Thompson will work with all Coordinators and Assistants to make this one of the best Quilt Canada Conferences yet! 

To indicate your interest please complete the form below and send with:
1. A letter outlining your previous volunteer positions held in quilting and non-quilting organizations; your skills and abilities applicable to this position; and the reasons you are interested in this position.
2. The name, phone number and e-mail (if available), of two work or volunteer experience references that would be able to confirm your skills in relation to the position requested.

Name ________________________________________________
Town/City_______________________ Province______ Postal Code____________
Phone ______________________________ E-mail_____________________________________
Are you a CQA/ACC Member:  yes_______  no  _______.
Do you belong to a Guild):  yes__________  no  _______
Position requested ______________________________

Send by Sept 30, 2015 to: president@canadianquilter.com or Linda Schmidt, 802-2275 Atkinson St., Penticton, BC V2A 8R7

Sunday, 26 July 2015


We are so excited to bring you our new National Juried Show (NJS) Categories for this upcoming Quilt Canada 2016. The deadlines will be posted early this fall on our website, but here they are so you can get started!  We hope you like them as much as we enjoyed putting them together. We created a committee using a few Board members and some outstanding CQA/ACC members who had lots of experience and knowledge with juried shows. Together the committee came up with a new set of categories for you!


Art, Abstract – Wall Quilts
Quilts must be abstract, cutting edge, non-literal original compositions with emphasis on color, line, and design.

Art-People, Critters – Wall Quilts
Quilts must be of original forms and compositions, illustrating some recognizable aspect of the human or animal form.

Art-Naturescapes, Pictorial – Wall Quilts
Quilts must be of original forms and compositions. This category illustrates aspects of natural scenery, including land, sea, forests, mountains, deserts, gardens, flowers in natural surroundings or a recognizable image, such as objects, still life, wildlife, cityscapes, etc. Creatures and animals may be a component, but should not be the focus of the quilt.

Quilts from Patterns/Books/Workshops – Wall and Bed Quilts
Quilts may be based on modern or traditional-style piecing and/or appliqué, made from published patterns, books or workshops.  Written permission to use the pattern, from the designer and/or publisher is required as part of the entry.  For entries started in workshops, permission from both the designer and instructor is required.  Written permission must accompany entries of works strongly resembling the work of another artist.  Written permission must also acknowledge that the designer/instructor is aware that cash prizes are offered and whether or not the designer/instructor waives her/his claim on the prize. 

Traditional – Wall and Bed Quilts
Quilts may be based on traditional-style piecing and/or appliqué, using blocks and/or patterns in the public domain or they may be totally original.

Modern – Wall and Bed Quilts
Quilts depict modern design and demonstrate originality in the design, colour and/or techniques. Minimalism, asymmetry, negative space, and alternate grid work are often a part of modern quilt compositions, as are improvisational piecing and solid fabrics.  The use of public domain patterns and blocks is permitted.

Guild Rosette Winners
Winners of a CQA/ACC Rosette at the local guild level in the previous two calendar years are eligible for this category.  Quilts may be an original design or from patterns, books or workshops.  If the top is made from a book, pattern or workshop, written permission to use the pattern, from the designer and/or publisher and/or instructor is required as part of the entry.  Written permission must also acknowledge that the designer/instructor is aware that cash prizes are offered and whether or not the designer/instructor waives her/his claim on the prize.  If the top was quilted by a person other than entrant, the quilter must be acknowledged.

(Wearable Art and Miniature to be offered Alternately)

Wearable Art (2017)
Entries consist of a garment, outfit or costume constructed using quilting techniques, with some quilted areas. Garment may be of original design or made from a pattern.  Pattern designer must be acknowledged.

Miniature in 2016
Quilts must have overall patterns reflecting reduced scale and miniaturization. If blocks are used, they should be no larger than 4 inches square. Miniature wholecloth quilts should be entered in this category. Quilts must have a perimeter less than 96 inch total. 

As always we have our awards of Excellence in:

Domestic Machine Quilting
Hand Quilting
Long Arm/Mid Arm Quilting
Workmanship for Appliqué
Workmanship for Piecing
Work by a first time entrant in the NJS
Thread Work using WonderFil Thread
Group Quilt
Judge's Choice
Viewers' Choice

Monday, 20 July 2015

Get thread-ucated!

Zoë MacDonald is E-Commerce and Social Media Manager at Canada’s largest manufacturer and wholesale distributor of quality sewing, quilting, and knitting supplies. Crafty lady and recent quilting convert, she is keen to share her love for the latest in notions.

As a creature of habit, I admit that I have a tendency to remain loyal to a handful of basic tools and techniques despite the diversity and perpetual development of specialty products out there.

Thankfully, as someone employed by Canada’s exclusive distributor of a world renowned thread company, I have the privilege the learning the nuances and features of the many offerings provided by the industry leaders at Gütermann.

With one hundred and fifty years’ experience and a longstanding reputation for commitment to quality, consistency, and innovation, it’s no surprise that the name has become synonymous with top quality, beautiful thread.

With the proper thread selection, you can improve both the ease of making, and the end result of your fine work.

Without further ado, let’s get thread-ucated!

Keeping it real with natural fiber construction and quilting threads

Ever wonder why quilters are devoted to Gütermann Machine Cotton thread?

Notwithstanding the allure of the all-natural, this lustrous long staple thread will take up dye and maintain its integrity through high and frequent exposure to heat which is why it is the perfect pick for piecing.

Its hand quilting counterpart, Gütermann 100% Cotton Hand Quilting thread, is specially designed with hand stitching in mind. Thanks to its special glace finish, this thread will not twist or snarl while hand stitching and easily glide through multiple layers.

Tip! Stop hand quilting with thread designed for your sewing machine!

Use Gütermann 100% Silk thread when you are quilting on more delicate fabrics but want to stay true to natural fibers. This is especially handy on silk pillowcases, bedding, and wearable quilts.

A strong thread that nearly rivals the strength of classic Cotton, silk thread gives a polished matte finish, making it equally popular with Heirloom sewing projects.

Stippling Spool School 

With piecing done and layers sandwiched, there are a seemingly infinite number of different ways to finish your piece with quilting stitches. Whether you’re adding stippled texture to a full size quilt with intricately planned pattern, or you’re a rule-defying, criss-crossing free-mo enthusiast, thread selection can add a new dimension to your design.

For a subtle stitching style, matching thread is a given. When your quilt colour palette is all over the map, a pale grey is your next best bet for blending relatively muted colours.

Another option is using Gütermann Nylon Invisible Thread for the top stitch thread. The translucent nature of the thread (available in two colours to match light and dark fabrics) makes for low contrast and a very subtle, “invisible” appearance.

See, by contrast, how bold the 100% Cotton looks in zig-zag adjacent to the “Invisible” quilted grid. With fine Gütermann Bobbin thread in the bottom, this technique is also especially effective in securing appliqué edges.

Tip! Be sure to use Nylon Invisible Thread at the quilting stage only, as it should not be pressed under high heat.

On the other hand, for a more bold stippling style, you can add a subtle sparkle or oodles of brilliant bling to your project with Gütermann Dekor Metallic & Sparkle Metallic threads, available in a vast array of colours including seasonal variegated combos.

Tip! Not quite so related to quilting, but an absolutely essential tidbit for Canadians:

Better binding with fusible Thread 

As someone who is new to quilting, I have yet to master binding. I am constantly peeking to the opposite side to assuage my concerns about slippage or less than perfectly matched seems on the front and back side. 

Enter, Gütermann Fusible thread

Zig-zag stitch (from the needle or bobbin thread) so that the Fusible thread is on the opposite side of your secured single fold bias strip, then fold to the opposite side and press.

Now, your binding is fused on and ready to sew in place – perfectly.

Tip! Fusible thread is a heavier weight thread. Adjust needle (larger eye) & tension accordingly, and have a needle-threader handy.

Yes, there's a thread for that

While we’ve only just scratched the surface of Gütermann’s plethora of thread offerings, by now you can tell that, when in doubt: Yes! There’s a thread for that. For maximum success, tailor your thread selection to your specific needs for each stage of your project, and don’t forget to get a needle to match. 

Look for Gütermann thread at your local Canadian quilt retailer. 
For more inspiration and product education, follow H.A. Kidd and Company Limited on Facebook.