Monday, 28 July 2014

Meet Our New Vice President - Linda Schmidt

Spunk. That is the word that comes to mind when I think of our newest Vice President of CQA/ACC. 
The girl just has spunk. The dictionary defines it as courage, spirit and determination. Linda Schmidt has it all. Plus a smile that lights up a room.

We discovered this talented woman when we were in Penticton at Quilt BC 2013. She was the National Juried Show Coordinator... and so much more, as we soon discovered. She was organized to the last detail, efficient like none other and she is unflappable. We can't get that smile and calm demeanour off of her!  And we have tried. She just grins, takes the crisis and solves it. And we all just sigh and think 'thank goodness she represents Canadian quilters.'

'The Tree' done in 2008 for a challenge.

Who is Linda Schmidt, other than the woman who has these amazing qualities? She is super talented with her long arm machine and loves getting her quilts under the machine to do her magic.

Double Wedding Ring variation from McCall’s Quilting May 2011 issue.

Linda has recently fallen in love with modern quilts.  Her favourite thing about making quilts is doing the quilting on her long arm or less frequently on her domestic machine.

Being part of the  Quilt Canada 2013 Local Organizing Committee was such a rewarding experience that she thought working with the amazing board members would be even more fulfilling.  She tells us that she likes to organize and coordinate events so thought she would have something to contribute. 

Inspired by Louisa L. Smith’s book A New Twist on Strips ‘n Curves- titled ‘All Roads are Connected’, done in 2008.

I can tell you she has been with us for only a month and is definitely an asset to the Board. In due time will do a fantastic job at the helm of this wonderful organization of quilters! 

What completely sold us on Linda is when she said her favourite food was cinnamon buns! How can you not adore a quilter who loves cinnamon buns?

Please join me in welcoming Linda to the CQA/ACC Board of Directors.


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Fun Tips and Giggles #18

We are having so much fun these days, that we simply have to share it with you!

We are jumping into social media feet first and want you to come along with us and share the news with all your friends.

First off, did you know we have started a pinterest account?  Yessir, we are loving adding all sorts of great 'pins' to the boards.  Those of you that are unfamiliar with pinterest, it is a place where you can look for ideas or 'pins' that you then pin onto your bulletin boards.  They are all pictures and will link to the website the picture came from. It literally is a multitude of ideas. For example, we have boards and pins on guild programs, tutorials, black and white quilts and so much more.  You just have to check us out!

We are also set up with twitter. We are tweeting like crazy and would love for you to join us. Twitter is short little messages that you send out to fellow followers or 'tag' people that are also using twitter. For example, we tagged Aurifil in a tweet about how we were on the Gen Q blog and they sent it out to all their followers!

Our most recent addition to social media is Instagram. This is a platform to share pictures. Very fun and is done on a smart phone.

Many of you know that we are on facebook. We continue to increase our followers and thank you for constantly sharing our facebook page with your friends.

Lastly, but not least is the centre of our social media and the place where the centre of activity lies - our website. We have all our important information here.  Such as the list of certified judges and apprentice judges,  our galleries including the amazing NJS 2014 gallery, and up to date information on our next conference, Quilt Canada 2015 and we have listed all the teachers at it!

Here is your little giggle for the day=)


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Did you ever want to quilt in the park in the summer?

Some of us seem to stop quilting in the summer - it's too hot!

A group of avid quilters from the Niagara Falls QG want to keep on meeting and quilting. They meet informally in the local "Stamford Centre Volunteer Firemen's Park". As an added bonus, the community is made aware of the skills involved in quilting and the wide variety of quilts that have been made by local quilters.

Every Tuesday night, these women bring their supper, their hand work, lawn chairs, and quilting magazines to the park all summer long. 

Not only do they quilt, but magazines are shared and a lot of "show and tell" happens, too.

Stage for musical performers while people sit on the hill to listen

Around 7:00 pm each week, the Stamford Centre Volunteer Firemen's Association brings in a different group to provide a variety of music to listen to. 

A good time for friends and quilting too.


Wednesday, 2 July 2014

April Showers Bring May Flowers - Member Challenge

It was a wonderful challenge with some fantastic prizes thanks to our great sponsor, Claire at 
Note: the three prize winners will be featured in the upcoming issue of The Canadain Quilter.

by Ruth Quinn

It depicts the Trilliums that grow down the lane where I live.  The background is pieced and the Trilliums are machine appliquéd onto the piece.  Both the flanges and the quilting depict the pine trees that have fallen on the ground as well.  There are also brown and blue beads sewn onto the piece depicting rocks and the sky coming through the forest.  I used a photo I had taken to make this wall hanging.

by Beulah Caswell

This wall hanging was started in a workshop given by Anna Hergert of Moose Jaw. The original hand-drawn designs are done in reverse applique. Free-motion quilting is done with cotton and metallic threads. Water-colour pencils and beads are the finishing touches.

A Little Bit of Spring
by Joyce Heard

This little quilt was inspired by  a tulip block by Jayne Turner in a Miniature Quilts magazine, issue #59. The quilt measures 6 3/4” x 8 3/4” and is displayed in a 8” x 10” picture frame on my mantel.  

Singing in The Rain
by Mary Hopkins

My thread painted robin sits on a branch made of multi coloured cords and wools twisted together and stitched to the background. The leaves and flowers are snippets of ribbon anchored into the cord. The rain tracks are threads of blue and silver.


 Flower Power
by Linda Schmidt

This is an original design drawn by Shirley Tracey, stitched and inked by myself.  The technique is from the book “Bold and Beautiful” by Judi Dains.  It was such fun to play with the inks on this piece and I love doing the free motion stitching on my domestic machine. 

by Linda Schmidt

This was my first 3 dimensional piece.  Techniques used include couching, fusible appliqué, foiling, semi-attached leaves/petals, seed beads. The pattern for this quilt was in Quiltmaker magazine, Winter 2006 issue.  

by Hélène Blanchet

 I am relatively new to Calgary, having moved here 2 years ago from the East Coast. I  got a job as a gardener. Little did I know what the spring season is in the Prairies: from warm Chinooks in April and gale force winds in May to thunderous inundations in June to hail in July.  Yet despite the many challenges the Prairie garden is as lovely as any – if you’re stubborn enough. This is a picture of my boss’ place in the centre of Calgary.

by Pat Golem

This is a digital photo of crocus taken in my flowerbed, printed on fabric, thread painted, beaded and quilted.

The Promise of Spring
by Carol Swinden

This quilt depicts a snowy bank along a cold, flowing creek on a rainy day near the end of winter. Down the creek float some fresh, brightly- coloured spring blooms as a promise of warmer weather to come. 

by Betty Johnson

I tried a Ricky Timms transvergence background & then appliquéd my whimsical flowers on top. Lots of fun to fiddle with these small pieces.

Spring Bulbs
by Karen Menzies

An unusual and very heavy April snowfall forced my bulbs to retreat back into the ground.

It Was A Lovely Warm Summer Day
by Susan Taylor

It is based on an illustration in a charming 1922 Norwegian children's book "Kalles Eventyrferd" (Kalle's Adventure) by Sofie Voss, which belonged to my mother.  I achieved the gradations in the pink fabrics by discharging with bleach.

Sunshine's Coming
by Christine Reid

 It is based on Ricky Tim's Convergence Quilts book. I used four fat quarters and added the umbrella as raw edge appliqué.  It was fun to do.

Harbingers of Spring
by Mary Katherine Hopkins

This is the sight we all look for after the long winters -  those brave Crocus poking through the snow. A little modern and a little traditional. Cotton and chiffon.


Spring Fling
by Heather Chapplain

I thought I would enter this challenge has I just finished an original piece called" Spring Fling". It measures 15" x15". I used commercial batik  fabric and hand dyed fabric I dyed myself. I also used angelina fibres and metallic threads. The sparkle is swaraski crystals. The fabric weaving was based on a technique from the book "Fabric Embellishing" The basics and beyond. By Ruth Chandler, Liz Kettle, Heather Thomas and Lauren Vlcek. This is a great book with many wonderful techniques and ideas. Thank you so much for this opportunity. 

Party with Patrick
by Kaaren L. Biggs

This is a wall hanging I made as part of a Party With Patrick group a couple of years ago. It was a fun way to learn fusible techniques and simple free-motion machine quilting with a group of friends, each of us making a new wall hanging monthly for one year.



Sunbonnet Sue - April Showers
by Lynn McEachern

Sunbonnet Sue stands in the rain under her umbrella, admiring new flowers and a young robin.
The design was done by myself using EQ7 graphics; the fabrics, threads and beads were from my stash.  This project was designed for this challenge, June 2014.


Baby Quilt 
 by Anita LaHay 

I decided to combine the CQA Spring Challenge theme with sewing a baby quilt for my new baby due in September. This baby quilt has raindrops and umbrellas fused and machine appliqued onto a low volume patchwork background. Some of the background fabrics have raindrop prints too. The umbrellas and raindrops are made using a combination of Robert Kaufman Chevron fabrics and Bonnie & Camille for Moda's "April Showers" line. The quilt is hand quilted with a variegated Valdani pearl cotton thread to show dotted lines for the raindrops falling. The binding is a scrappy binding of the chevron fabrics used for the umbrellas and is machine sewn to the front and hand sewn to the back. All threads other than the handquilting thread are Aurifil. The quilt measures: 30 by 40 inches. 

Spring Forward
by Maggie Butterfield Dickinson
This quilt was inspired by one of my photographs of a tulip in its final days of glory. Many fabrics were auditioned for the petals and some of the "rejects" became the inner details. The technique is from Jane Sassaman where the individual pieces are embroidered on the background fabric before the quilt is batted and machine quilted.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

CQA/ACC Member Jo Vandermey

There is nothing more thrilling than to get an email from a member telling me that she is guest blogging on a very creative blog and asking if I would be interested in taking a look?   "Definitely" was my response, and boy was I glad I did!

Meet Jo Vandermey who blogs at the 'sewing geek blogspot' here.  She was a guest blogger over here. This is where you need to go and see what this quilter has done with Lutrador!

Jo tells us a little about herself.
I continue to quilt regular quilts, I am experimenting in the Fibre Art/Mix Media realm. I am a fabric junkie... I named my self the sewing geek because I like learning ... I am always curious about how to do things. 

I belong to two traditional quilt guilds Smithville Quilters Guild and Grimsby Quilters Guild. Two small town guilds in my area. I love the camaraderie!

I belong to a Small group of 4 individuals called the Fabrigos. We started meeting this January and we seem to click. We just completed a group entry to submit to Fibre Content 2014 so no pictures can be shown yet.

I am an individual member of CQA/ACC. I actually joined for the magazine but love the blog. 

I am a member of SAQA and go to the local parlour meetings 4 times a year in Burlington.

I am a wife of 28 years to the most patient man I know – mom to three wonderful kids and one daughter in law. My last quilt was for a wedding present to a couple who are like my own kids. It is almost finished... my best friend and I are hand quilting it for them. And because we pass it back and forth it has taken awhile.  My next quilt will be the wedding quilt for my son and daughter in law. They are patient with me. In between I work on my art quilting

To see her work,  check Jo out and be sure to leave her a comment!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Walk To Brock #9

Fantastic work, everyone! We squeaked into Brock University in St. Catharines, ON just under the wire. Whew!! And what a journey this has been. We have been on the road since last September.  Our challenge was to travel from Mile Zero in Victoria BC to St. Catharines ON by way of Inuvik NT, inch by inch, based on your finished quilt measurements. When we got to Inuvik, our Regional Representative, Shona Barbour and her guild members mailed local souvenirs to 24 guilds across Canada, chosen at random.

115 guilds, groups and individuals participated during the last ten months. I received over one thousand emails with your inches, your stories, your photos and, of course, your weather reports. Each month, we accumulated on average half a million inches. 

The GRAND TOTAL of inches as of June 11, 2014 is 4,999,138.25. This is amazing! That represents a lot of busy Canadian quilters.

Now that we are finally here, we will be enjoying all aspects of Quilt Canada 2014 and we hope you do too. The Trend-Tex quilts and the National Juried Show entries will be posted on the website under Galleries. Keep an eye out for them!

So that’s it for inches this year. A BIG thank you to everyone who participated. It was a lot of fun. There was so much positive feedback from all of you, over the 10 months and millions of inches - stay tuned for next year’s challenge. 

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Fun Tips and Giggles #17

Do you ever want to peruse the internet for ideas but not sure quite where to look?

Here are two fantastic sources of inspiration.  The first is pinterest.  Think of this as a giant board that you can tack (pin) all your favourite ideas onto and come back to them.

You can also use it just for browsing and do not have to create an account for yourself.  If you decide to create an account, then you can create topic boards to keep your pins organized.  This means you can have different topics to 'pin' favourite items when you do a search.  Say you create a board called 'quilts with buttons'. Type that in the search engine and it will show you many images of quilts with buttons. You can click on a picture and 'pin' it to your board.

Warning, it is very addictive and hours can slip by quickly.

The second place to find creativity is Craftsy project page or free pattern page.

Craftsy is a huge online learning centre that has expanded to include patterns, blogs and just a ton of projects for you to look at and be inspired.   There are almost 37,000 quilted projects on the site. Go and check it out and maybe even sign up (free) and put up your own project!

And a little giggle for you!