Monday, 17 July 2017

9 Label Ideas for Every Kind of Quilter

Zoë MacDonald is E-Commerce and Social Media Manager at Canada’s largest manufacturer and wholesale distributor of quality sewing, quilting, and knitting supplies. Crafty lady and recent quilting convert, she is keen to share her love for the latest in notions.

1. For quilters on the move

If by the time you’ve reached the label stage you’re eager to move on to a new project, a premade label will do the trick, quick. Write with a laundry pen to avoid bleeding. 

2. For quilters who love multi-medium crafts

Stamps are really fun and can give you instant-ish gratification when writing your label message. Whether you use a ruler and air erasable marker to ensure straightness and proper spacing, or you prefer to stamp away freely, your letters will be perfect.  Stamping directly onto the quilt is also an option if you’re brave.

3. For shy quilters

If you’re tempted to tuck away your label or display it much more subtly, you can draw with an ink fabric pen on fusible bias  and work it into the lines of your quilt. 

4. For quilters who always make extra

Don’t let your spare block go to waste! Use it as a pretty call-out to the front by edge stitching it to the back. I would suggest using Quilter’s Edge to fold back the seam allowances before stitching in place. If you’re incorporating your own writing, you’ll also need: a fine tip permanent fabric marker, a ruler (for this purpose, a light and flexible one works best), and an air erasable marker

5. For quilters with the cutest stash of novelty fabric

Finally! The perfect place for a little snippet of gloved hands or a piece of a shipping label. Since it won’t run on cotton, you’ll want to use a permanent ink fabric pen to write, then simply secure it with a piece of HeatnBond Ultra Hold (that’s the no-sew kind). Strong enough to keep it securely in place and prevent frayed edges, this adhesive will add a little bit of heft making your label feel like more like a permanent patch.

6. For quilters whose family members have gifted them a bag of old jeans so that they can do something with them but they’re not totally sure what they should do with them.

Are you that somebody? If so, me too! This could be especially cute for a memory or a tee shirt quilt, and gives you a handy hiding place for a label with lots of info (stitch it to the top of the pocket so it can easily be taken out or tucked inside). To keep the pocket in place before it hits the machine, use a temporary fabric glue stick – and don’t forget Gutermann Jeans Thread so that the stitches look authentic. 

7. For quilters who like to think outside the box (or rectangle)

I mostly wanted an excuse to use Sew Easy’s new templates – which I think is a perfectly good reason to do something. I made it a little puffy with some leftover cotton batting which I thought made it look and feel like a badge.

8. For quilters who jump at the chance to use trims, rick rack, and buttons.

With a folded corner piece in a complimentary fabric, you have the perfect canvas to embellish – right on the edge of this label-turned-pocket. Try rick rack and ball fringe that complement the quilt colours. Buttons would be a nice touch too. For me, doing this the easy way involves basting with a special Quilter’s Basting Glue and holding it all in place with Large Clever Clips

9. For quilters who are also garment sewists

If you just love the look of a tag why not cut your quilt label to this shape? Add interfacing for a little extra stiffness, and secure the whole thing with a few stitches through a novelty scissor or thread button

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