Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Through The Eyes of a Bug Challenge

Our challenge ended and boy did we have some fantastic entries!   
They all deserved to win, but our awesome judge Brandy Lynn Maslowski narrowed it down to three winners which will be featured in our Fall Newsletter.

Here are the fantastic entries submitted.   

by Fay Blanchard
Everything is exploded in size in a bug's eyes.

by Carole Thornton
As an avid gardener I am sure a bug looks at my flowers and sees meals.  From this idea I designed a quilt to depict how I think a bug views my flowers. The flower is constructed of silk dupioni, cottons and thread painting.  The petals have been left un-stitched and stiffened to give a three dimensional effect.  

by Thelma (Bureyko) Newbury
This morning I went out into the garden to see what kind of inspiration I could find for “Through the Eye of a Bug”.  Sparkling in the sunlight was a broken spider web amidst a patch of Queen Ann’s Lace. 
by Lisette Leveille
I always think bug sees what they would like to see.  Since bees produce honey, then flower pollens must taste sweet, like a bowl of fruit.

by Lauren MacDonald
Since I’ve been bitten by the ‘quilt bug’, I thought that that point of view made sense.  I met two women in Penticton who were really appreciating Quilt BC and asked if they would mind if I took their photo for this challenge.  They agreed and here’s the photo I took.

by Laine Canivet
I stencilled the bird, dandelion and butterfly on fabric which I dyed by wrapping it in wet tissue paper. Embellishments such as old earrings, a bead I made from a plastic page protector and silk flowers create this scene as viewed by a bug.

by Shona Barbour

by Susan Scott
This is our cat "Ashman"  peering at a bug & considering weather or not to consume it.

by Maureen Roach
I used pencil crayons on fabric, with free motion stitching and fused piecing.

by Christine Reid
At this time of year, I have been finding spiders coming into the house.  I can envision a spider on the wall looking down and seeing the love we have in our home as we share with our family and friends.

by Beth Michailidis
My quilt depicts elements in nature including the butterfly and flower.  I also created the sensation of wind and sunshine by my choice of shapes, colour, and machine quilting techniques.

by Cindy Simpson
This quilt is an original from a photo I took last winter when I was in Port Macquarie Australia. The fabric was hand drawn with sharpie markers and treated with rubbing alcohol, the method was inspired by Laine Canivet. It is machine quilted using rayon threads.

by Mia Peterson
I have never done paper piecing and thought this picture would do well to go with the theme as well as to learn a new skill.
The paperpieced pattern was from Two Thimbles Quilt Shop, in Bellingham, Washington. It was there design for the Tri-County shop-hop.
I bought the fabrics while there, adding the worm as my bug being the lunch.

by Heather Myers
In our lives, everything revolves around the dog – so when we thought of a bug’s eye view, that’s what popped into our minds.  Sort of a big-game safari from a bug’s perspective. 

Please note that a wonderful quilt came in from Paula Perri, but due to technical difficulties, was unable to post.
If you have the urge to enter and you really should, as it is a total blast, check out our latest challenge - 'These Boots Are Made For Walking.'


  1. I knew I would be amazed at how many different points of view there would be in this challenge...and I was right! So much fun to see how members approached it - can't wait to see the boots!

  2. Challenges are always a great way to get diverse ideas, techniques and personalization. Fantastic!

  3. Wow, what a collection of interpretations of the same theme. What a creative bunch.