Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Just Hoppin' Around

It can be said over and over, no one knows how to have fun like quilters do!   Chocolate River QG in New Brunswick shows us just how much laughter they can bring to a project!

As President Betty Rice describes it;  "On one of our project days at Chocolate River Quilters Guild, a member showed a stuffed frog that she had made and then suggested we could use that as our project.
 As the end of the year approached, it was suggested that we'd have a "Frog Parade" at our closing Pot Luck lunch.
Each person "dressed" and named their frog appropriately, then introduced their frog to all. Some of the names were "Tequila Froggie, Rubee Tuesday, Philias Frog, Frenchie, Dottie, Roxy Roller, Monsieur Chappy & Madame Chippy, Princess Lily and her Prince, and Miss Peabody with her TuTu."

Take a look at the adorable frogs:

Do you ever clown around with your quilting friends?   We would love to hear about it!  Drop me a line at vicepresident@canadianquilter.com.

Jackie W.

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  1. what a great idea!...I can think of a few in our guild that would have some very interesting frogs...