Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Tutorials Galore with the Amazing Gail Fearon

Quilters are such a modest bunch.  I have been working with Regional Representative Gail Fearon from New Brunswick for well over a year and just by chance discovered she had a blog.  Well, not just a quilt blog but one filled with all sorts of interesting tidbits of quilting information!

She made an iron tote caddy after she found this tutorial online.

After perusing her blog for another minute, bam... another fantastic idea!  She learned this one at a Gathering of the Guilds.   It takes the curved sewing out of the Drunkard's Path block by using coffee filters.   Seriously, you have to go and check it out here.

Gail told me that she has two or three projects on the go…a BOM on Sindy Rodenmayer’s website, quilting a pinwheel baby quilt in a hoop, and piecing some tops for Victoria’s Quilts.  She prefers to work on scrappy quilts and  usually by hand.

Now look at this picture....

…they are bags of balsam fir tips.  Gail picks them early in June when they are lime green. She only picks the very tips of the balsam branches, brings them home and lets them dry to a very dark brown. Gail then places them in sewn muslin bags. Next she embroiders Christmas pictures  (or makes traditional blocks in Xmas fabric) for the outer bags.  She has sold many at quilt shows. Believe it or not, Gail has some sachets over 10 years old and they still smell as fresh as the day she made them.

Thanks Gail for sharing your blog and tips with us!

Anyone else want to share some fun quilting tidbits?  Email

Jackie W.

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