Sunday, 10 May 2015

Quilt Shows in a Different Venue

Quilt Shows are traditionally held in large venues such as gyms, community centres, arenas and even churches. These provide the WOW factor when you first come into the show. Many have Tea Rooms, Merchant Mall, Guild Boutiques, Member/Guild Challenges and even Tombollas (mini quilts sort of like a raffle).

In recent years there have been quilt show committees who have wanted something unusual, out of the ordinary and they have partnered with different facilities. 

In Calgary, Alberta, the quilters' group partnered with Heritage Park in late May (May 23-24, 2015), to display their quilts in the heritage buildings and outside. It is a favourite for many (besides quilters) to attend. It is the 
largest outdoor quilt show. This year's theme is "Something Borrowed, Something Blue".

A few years ago, Halton Quild Guild (Ontario) had partnered with the Royal Botanical Gardens for a show that was enjoyed by all. Last year (Nov 2014), York Heritage Quilters' Guild held their tri-annual quilt show at the Toronto Botanical Gardens.


Also for the last few years, York Heritage Quilters' Guild partnered with Black Creek Pioneer Village (Toronto, Ontario) to provide a unique show of quilts in a "pioneer" or historic setting, similar to that of Heritage Park. It is wonderous to view these quilts outside mostly, in the sun and blowing in the breeze. They have a vendors' shopping area or Merchant Mall where you can find fabric, fabric and more fabric, as well as patterns and tools and a lot of what quilters need/want. There will also be trunk shows, workshops and quilt appraisals available.

This year's show is their fourth annual "Quilts at the Creek" and is fast approaching - July 18-19th, 2015.- Mark your calendars!

These shows are something to be seen!
Hope you will get the chance to take in these shows.

Pictures were taken by M Michelin at Quilts at the Creek 2014.

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  1. You forgot about the Ladner Village Car and Quilt show! Utterly unique among quilt shows (oh, are there cars too?)