Monday, 18 May 2015

Countdown to QC2015

We have started the countdown to the start of QC2015... There are just a few weeks to go to the opening on June 4th. 

WOW - where has the time gone?

If you are attending, have you booked your flight, shuttle, accommodation?
Have you signed up for special events such as banquet, extra daily trips, or your favourite workshop(s) - there's still room left if you haven't. (Contact Jackie Philpott to do this)

Have you checked out the merchants/vendors who will be there? And their websites - in case there's something you desparately need!!!

Did you get your maps sorted out and printed so you know where you're going? Did you download your map of the campus of U Of Lethbridge?

Have you checked the weather to know what clothes to bring?


I'm sure there's something else too - I've started my checklist too.
Hope to see you there soon.

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