Thursday, 28 May 2015

Jackie White ………….our President.

Excitement is building! The Countdown is on for Quilt Canada 2015, in Lethbridge, AB.  In just a few days, thousands of quilters will descend on the University of Lethbridge. Quilters will come from far and near to take in all the conference has to offer… …the National Juried Show, AGM, Workshops, Lectures, Merchant’s Mall, Invitational Show, a FAN exhibit, and of course the CQA/ACC Travelling Quilt Show, to name a few. Of course some will just come to hang out with others who share a common passion or even get a Tattoo.


The fantastic lady who is leading us into Quilt Canada 2015 is none other than, our president, the lovely Jackie White. Jackie has been at the helm for the past year. She has led CQA/ACC into the future and beyond. Being a very forward thinking person, she had a vision for CQA/ACC and set out to move in that direction, in a very positive way. Under Jackie’s leadership our association has undergone a number of major changes which should help us grow and prosper.

To hang out with Jackie is a pure pleasure. She has an awesome sense of humor and is always there to lend a hand if needed. Her only imperfection is that she works us to death at Board Meetings (kidding!)….actually if you feed her enough Chocolate and red Twizzlers, she keeps everyone on track and on time in a professional, but gentle manner.


Jackie is quite an accomplished art quilter in her own right. She has won many quilting awards, both nationally and internationally. She is a quilt teacher who loves to travel and spread the word about embellishing quilts with flowers, ribbons and buttons.  She writes regular blogs and tutorials for Craftsy.  Jackie has articles published in Quilting Arts Magazine, Annie’s, Quilters World, Martingale, The Canadian Quilter, just to name a few. Check out Jackie’s Art Quilts at


NJS is her passion. Since joining the Board in 2012, Jackie has persuaded us to keep up with the times by introducing a Modern category last year. While in Lethbridge, you may find her chatting up a storm, encouraging quilters to enter the NJS. Pat her on the back for a job well done!

When she is not immersed in the affairs of our organization, you can find her in her home on Manitoulin Island, ON, hanging out with her two sons, Steven and Chris.. as well as her husband Bob. They are the light of her life!!!  She loves to share in their activities, be it at the farm, the hockey arena, the dirt bike track or in school.

Judy K


  1. Wow, this refreshing to read about. I am one that lost touch with CQA and let my membership lapse. I'm confident to gain membership again. Thanks Jackie for stepping forward, holding accountability forefront and leading with heart and art in mind. Yahoo!