Sunday, 8 July 2012

Meet One of CQA/ACC's Professional Members

If you go to our website, we have a special tab for you to find our Professional Members.   This is great when you want to find a quilt shop, long arm quilter, lecturer or teacher.    I thought it would be fun to get to know them a little better.

I randomly selected Christina Doucette and asked her if she was willing to be the guinea pig, I mean first interviewee.   She is a spunky gal and agreed.   Without further ado, let's get to know Ms. Doucette.

Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Christina Doucette (Nee Recoskie) and I am 37 years old, living in Cochrane, ON, married to Roy Doucette, and we have one son Lucas, who is turning 7 this summer.  We also have a pet, Indy, which is a cat-breed Munchkin - you gotta look them up. (I did and it turns out they have very short legs and totally adorable)  I had a home photography business before moving back to Cochrane, and do quilting, sewing, and the newest hobby is knitting - which I have learnt through my own store this spring by our knitting/crochet instructor, Mrs. Anne Dyas.

My own overall pattern. Medallion and Celtic Border adapted from book: Celtic Quilts (That Patchwork Place) by Beth Ann Williams, pieced by myself.
Quilted by Long Arm Machine Quilter - Catherine Timm (

What got you into quilting?
 Actually, I had no intention on quilting as a hobby - it found me in 2003.  I hadn't sewn since I was 12 years old and that was on an antique Singer treadle machine. I decided to buy my first used electric sewing machine, and headed to the fabric store to buy something to practice sewing on.  During that visit, I entered a draw to win a new sewing machine.   Two days later, I received the call on my 28th birthday no less, that I had won the sewing machine.   I knew that I  had to learn how to use it so I went to my LQS (Algonquin Sewing Center in Pembroke, ON) and signed up for the NEXT sewing class available. Turns out it was a placemat quilting class schedule for the very next day and I leapt at the chance.  Much to my surprise I found out that  I loved quilting and never looked back!  I adore the mathematical and precision of  making a quilt. I needed to know EVERYTHING about it and master it all.

You now own a store , tell us how that impacts your love of quilting?
Upon moving back to my hometown of Cochrane, ON in May 2011, I was disappointed that we still didn't have a fun and creative local quilting store for me to enjoy.  I began thinking about how it would be nice to fulfill my retirement dream of owning my own storefront someday.  Turned out someday was February 7th, 2012!  That was the day I opened my doors to the Northern Ontario market. NeedleWorks Studio Canada was born! A  creative learning center with retail store carrying knitting, crochet, quilting, sewing, and embroidery supplies. We have an online store at

My first ever quilt - from a quilting class. It was on placemats and I made a lap quilt instead!

Does anything frustrate you when it comes to quilting?
Yes, of course!  I get frustrated when I don't have the right tools at hand. That's why my sewing room is as big as it is - I need it all!  I love quilting gadgets to make the process more enjoyable. To be honest, I wouldn't be quilting if it wasn't for the tools available on the market today. 

Please explain why you say your store is  ‘green certified’.
Since I have a background in Environmental Biology, I felt it important to make "green" choices when opening my store.  It became apparent that with all the "green" choices that I was making, a proper certification would be in order to show commitment to our environment. Hence, I completed the required paperwork and earned our "Green Certification" in January 2012 - even before the store was opened.  We are proud to recycle our garbage, use energy efficient lighting and office equipment, offer project ideas on repurposing, and requests for information/class materials are not printed - but rather emailed when possible.   We use donated/recycled plastic bags (never new), carry organic, recycled, eco fabrics/yarns, as well as many many other initiatives that can go a long way to helping reduce operating costs yet benefiting the environment.  It is definitely a win/win situation!
Thanks Christine, it was a pleasure getting to know you!


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