Monday, 30 July 2012

A New Welcome

Welcome to the new CQA/ACC blog. Our Conference Blog  has produced so many blooms that we are planting this new blog,  Canadian Quilting CQA/ACC.

This blog will be concentrating on what's happening in Canadian Quilting. And, yes, our beloved, Jackie White will continue to bring all that to you..

And Now Here'zzz Jackie!

Hi Everyone!

 I am really excited to show you what quilting in Canada is all about.   

I already have interviews lined up with some super famous  quilters from Canada!   As well, we will talk about what goes on for Canadians in the online world of quilting and  the upcoming contests and challenges CQA/ACC is offering.  

The blog is to encourage and promote quilting in Canada.   Everything nowadays has some component of online access and this was thought to be a great way to reach quilters right across the country to let them know on a weekly basis what is happening.  While we are just getting started we have some big plans for this blog, so sign up now to get in at the ground floor! 

Our Conference blog, as mentioned above will keep you right up to date on our yearly quilt conferences that happen around the country.   Here you will be able to get information on where the next conference is, teachers and their workshops, all the concurrent quilt shows, lodging suggestions and the most current news on the conference.

So please hit the follow button and enjoy the ride Canada!

Picture of Canadian flag

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