Tuesday, 17 July 2012

CQA/ACC Website


I want to take you on a little trip and tell you about our website.   If you are like me, you go there when you are looking for specific information such as the Call For Entry (CFE) for the National Juried Show (NJS) or to see who to contact about getting a rosette.   Have you ever taken the time to see all that the CQA/ACC website has to offer?

Please don't tell anyone, but I hadn't, till I sat down to write this post.  Am I ever glad I did! Wow, there is a ton of information on the website.   I am going to highlight some of it, and am hoping this encourages you to go and take a closer look.

'Under the Leaves', by Laine Canivet
This piece was in the Fredericton  NJS in 2003

Under the 'Members' tab there are many free downloadable 'Publications', such as 'CQA/ACC Quilting Standards in French and English, How to Organize a Workshop, Teaching Children' and much more.
There is also a 'Members Only' section where you the member, get entry into a closed off part of the site.  They just finished a mystery quilt and are gearing up for something totally exciting, so stay tuned!  If you still want to do that mystery quilt, all the chapters are posted now.

The next tab is 'Quilt Professionals' and this is a huge list of those related to the quilting industry.  You can sort by Name, Business, Province or Services.  This is a perfect tool when travelling across Canada, you can search the different provinces you are off to see.

'Events' is my favourite place to spend time.   It tells me all the events going on across Canada as well as challenges that CQA/ACC has in place.  Check out the 'How Far Can You Stitch' Challenge starting September 1, 2012.  You will definitely want to take part in that!   For a chance to win prizes and a one-year free membership, check out the 'Sign Up a Friend Contest'.

'Awards' is a good read.  It talks about the three main awards that CQA/ACC gives out and showcases the past winners and has applications available.

My other favourite place to check out is 'Galleries'.   You can see the National Juried Show and Trend-Tex winners from the past five years.  I go here sometimes just to find inspiration.

Sponsors is another tab that I often take a look at.   Here are the wonderful businesses and guilds that make CQA/ACC what it is today.   We are so thankful for their continued support in Canadian quilting.

'Contact' is the last tab at the top.   Here you can see all the people that are ready and willing to help you out, answer your questions or guide you in the right direction.

I encourage you to go and take a look and I hope you enjoy perusing our website.  Leave a comment and tell me which was your favourite part of it!  I would love to know.

'Dedication', by Laine Canivet
This piece was presented in 2011 to His Honour Steven Point, Lieutenant Governor of BC.

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