Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Gail Mitchell has a class for you at Quilt Canada 2017!

You were promised an incredible line up of teachers! Here is one that brings a smile to your face with the fun and unique classes she is teaching! Gail has captivated everyone with her useful yet gorgeous projects she can create from quilting! The best part is these workshops can be a delight for the beginner quilter! Fast and fun, and not to mention practical!  Wherever Gail goes these classes sell out!

It was so nice to be able to catch up with Gail and have a chat so she could share a bit more about herself with you. Read on to get the scoop!

Tell us a bit about your quilting habits.

I have been sewing for a long time.  And actually, I sew a bit almost every day.   I always have a few projects on the go.  Usually some small projects and one big project.   For small projects, the first time I make it, I call it a prototype.  And just in case it's the only one I make, I use my nicest stash fabric. Its not unusual for me to make the same small project several times.  I love finding shortcuts or better ways to achieve the same or better result.    I love how simple details like top stitching can really make a small project look so professional.    

This quilt (below) to be one of my all time favorite quilts that I made start to finish.  It's called Rainbow Lollipops by "Don't Look Now".     I made it for my youngest grand-daughter.    It's a twin size quilt, and on the sides that hang down, there are cute cats in the garden.  It features an orange cat, just like the one she has.    I made this "quilt as you go style" and machine quilted it on my domestic.   It just makes me smile.

Tell us about a couple of your workshops.

The Wallet Class is such a rewarding class, both for me and the students. It has such broad appeal. The wallet is done in a lot of small but easy steps.  We get it all done in a day.  Participants are so surprised at how easy it is to install the wallet clasp and how it just adds a professional look and function to the wallet.  At the end of the workshop day, participants are wowed at their project. They feel so accomplished.  They immediately want to go home and make another for a gift. As part of the class, I show how to make a perfectly fitted gift box for your wallet. it's made out of scrapbook paper. Everyone is amazed, at how easy it is. They smile. I smile.

The Secret Garden bag is just uber cute.  I initially developed this project for a little girl who was going to start school.   She was to take diabetic supplies with her every day. I wanted a girly bag with her name on it, but in a understated way.  She absolutely loved it.  It's a small project, but if you have children in your life, you will love finding ways to incorporate a secret name or message in your project. Also, if you just want to make the cute posies on a pencil case, you can do that too.    And just so you know, it's hard to make just one.  See my latest batch of pencil cases using the posies. 

Tell us something you are most proud of.

I'm really pleased that I can do meaningful volunteer work, doing something I like to do.   For example, I sew/piece quilt tops for a senior ladies hand quilting group. For  various reasons, these senior ladies don't have the ability to piece/sew any more. But they love to socialize while hand quilting these quilts.  When completed, they are used as an annual fund raiser for their church programs.  
After doing this for a dozen years, I came to understand what kind of quilt, both raises a lot of money in a raffle, and also served the needs of the senior ladies.  I complied all this information into an article titled "The Business of a Raffle Quilt" that was published by McCall's Quilting Magazine a few of years ago.   I had many people who said the article was spot on and were pleased that it was published.
And a final tidbit.   I have had a blog for a number of years.   It started out to be about sewing, my grandkids and a bit of cooking.    Now it is mostly post about sewing projects and if I can help explain something that I have learned, I will post about it in a tutorial.  In 2009, I did a picture tutorial of how I hem jeans.   Well, it is the single most read post on my blog and I love the comments that I've received from all over the world.   A link to the post is here.  

Gail is definitely teaching some 'must take' classes. There is something so satisfying about taking a class and having something you can use when you walk out the door!  Don't wait too long to register, you do not want to miss her classes!

107 - Secret Garden
107 - Secret Garden (Brother)
One Full Day Workshop
Wednesday, June 14, 2017, 08:30 - 16:00
Cost: $135.00
Kit Fee: $10.00
Learn to use your free motion quilting skills in a different way. Embellish your small projects using contrasting thread. Embed a secret message for a fun surprise. Your whimsical little flowers will have a colorful bloom and your stitching will highlight the bloom and define the stems and leaves. Embed a hidden message or name in the stitched grass for a fun surprise. Kit includes fabric, die cut fusible flowers, zipper, batting, design and pattern notes.!
207 - Batik Smart Wallet
207 - Batik Smart Wallet (Brother)
One Full Day Workshop
Thursday, June 15, 2017, 08:30 - 16:00
Cost: $135.00

Kit Fee: $37.00
This 6-hour workshop will lead participants through the steps to create this beautiful wallet. This wallet includes a zippered pocket, two currency size pockets and 12 credit card slots and a versatile 1” slot that will hold most smartphones or a pair of glasses. It has a useful wristlet strap. This project is constructed in three parts before the final assembly is complete. Many short-cuts and design details will be learned and participants will leave with their project completed. This Canadian designed wallet is specially designed for women who carry a smartphone in addition to other usual wallet items.
Participants will purchase a prepared kit of batik fabrics, interfacing, a zipper, purse hardware, and the pattern. The kit will have all the pieces cut and the pieces that require the interfacing, will be fused. With the prepared kits, participants will be able to begin the sewing construction immediately enabling them to finish their project in the class.
Participants will be using the straight stitch on their sewing machines, and some short seams will be thick. Participants should know how to use a rotary cutter and mat and should also be able to sew 1/8” top-stitching with the aid of one of the presser feet on their sewing machine.
307 - Oh Canada Quilt
307 - Oh Canada Quilt (Brother)
One Full Day Workshop
Friday, June 16, 2017, 08:30 - 16:00
Cost: $135.00

KIt Fee: $8.00
This is a fun modern Canadian patriotic quilt. Make this quilt to commemorate Canada's 150th celebrations. Won't you be the envy of your neighbours when you hang this over your railing on July 1st.
Each of the 10 flag blocks has 6 colored fabrics of same color value and a white background for the maple leaf in the center of the block. In the first part of this class, we will cut our fabrics into flag kits followed by a kit exchange. Next, we will construct the first block. You will not get all 10 blocks done on the class day but you will have a very good start. You will be able to finish at home, so no need to bring the batting, backing or binding to the class, unless you are a cracker jack sewer!
You will be assigned/responsible for 1 color (6 fabrics in the same value. ie: all mediums). You will buy one half meter (20") of each of 6 fabrics of the same color. It's good to have a variety of textures such as stripes, dots, floral and plain fabric in your color group. Your group of 6 fabrics will make kits for 10 flags of the same color - one kit for you and 9 to exchange. If more than 10 participate, we will exchange using a Draft exchange. Just like the NHL. It's fun.
Quilt size: 48" x 60"
407 - Domesticated Feathers
407 - Domesticated Feathers (Brother)
One Full Day Workshop
Saturday, June 17, 2017, 08:30 - 16:00
Cost: $135.00
Do you love the idea of doing your own free motion quilting of your small projects on your own domestic sewing machine? This class will help you step up your current Free Motion Quilting Skills. If you are a confident stippler, this class might be right for you. The class will lead you through stitching two types of free-form feathers as well as some complementary designs such as swirls and pebbles.


  1. I enjoyed the Oh Canada quilt workshop and fabric swap so much that I've participated in two of them! You leave the day with a block or two done and all the cut pieces from the other participants ready to be sewn up for the remaining blocks - and you can't stop until you find out how it all turns out. Very satisfying.

  2. I have done several classes with Gail! I love that she is SO organized and relaxed. Often, in a classroom situation I feel a little anxious if I am not keeping up, but I never feel rushed or pressure in Gail's classes. She is a great teacher and I go home knowing that I know enough to complete my project...and I always have! I have done 3 wallets, a jelly roll race quilt, an Oh Canada quilt and lots and lots of domestic machine quilting. All thanks to Gail!