Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Coreen Zerr is coming to Quilt Canada to teach you!

If you are a Canadian quilter that follows fibre art, Coreen Zerr will be on the tip of your tongue as one of Canada's extraordinary fibre artists!
Her work has been stopping people in their tracks for years! What she can do with fabric and thread is unbelievable.  The best part is we are bringing her to Quilt Canada 2017 to teach you! You do not want to miss signing up for one of her classes.

Luckily we were able to catch up with her to find out a little bit more about this talented quilter.

Tell us a bit about your quilting.

My quilting is mostly in the form of fibre art- thread play and thread work or "painting" as I like to call it. Using thread and the needle as my medium I love to create realistic art in the form of Landscape or "Critters".  I see inspiration in any nature really! There is always way too many ideas for quilts in my head with so little time to do them. I take lots of photos and/or my friends share them with me. Thread is always my weakness I confess!

Three Dimensional Thread Play for Landscapes workshop

I love to teach techniques that I have played with or conquered to create effects in original fibre art. In my workshop Thread Gourmet- I will teach you several of these tricks for texture and perspective in your art.

Thread Gourmet- A Menu of Techniques workshop

Dancing with Your Feed Dogs Down is the course I encourage all beginners of free motion to try because there are no rules! You are stitching naked branches and doing your thread work in one colour (usually black)  on the top of your quilt before sandwiching. This way you can make your stitches different sizes, cross over your threads and if you get a thread throw up on the bottom it won't matter because it ends up in the middle of your quilt! It is a great exercise in "practice", a term we all hear about learning free motion but in this case you are actually making a piece of art while you practice! 

Dancing With Your Feed Dogs Down workshop

Tell us something you are most proud of.

I am proud of all the accomplishments of my students- it is such a thrill to see them become very talented artists on their way to great success!

Manitoba Homecoming, Lenten Seascape and Eyes of the Wise are some of the quilts I am most proud of but I have many favourites!
Eyes of the Wise

What is your favourite food?
I hate to confess...I love soft ice cream.

Here are all the workshops that Coreen is teaching at Quilt Canada 2017.

101 - PetPourri (Janome)
One Full Day Workshop
Wednesday, June 14, 2017, 08:30 - 16:00
Cost: $145.00
A workshop on how to create your favourite critter/pet from a photograph. Learn how to work with value and thread play, as well as trapunto to enhance the expressions of any animal you choose.
201 - Thread Gourmet- A Menu of Techniques
201 - Thread Gourmet- A Menu of Techniques (Janome)One Full Day Workshop
Thursday, June 15, 2017, 08:30 - 16:00
Cost: $145.00
Experiment and refine your palette in all types of Thread Painting- from 3-D thread work to free motion stitches to create shading, dimension and life to your projects. Workshop is technique orientated where you are welcome to bring along projects for guidance.
301M - 3-Dimentional Thread Play for Landscapes
301M - 3-Dimentional Thread Play for Landscapes (Janome)One Half Day Workshop
Friday, June 16, 2017, 08:30 - 11:30
Cost: $75.00
A workshop designed to further your skills in free motion thread play for landscapes. Design elements will be demystified and techniques explained to create depth.
In the workshop, participants will create and learn 3-D effects with products and thread work, create texture by working with threads in free motion zigzag
301A - After The Lovin'
301A - After The Lovin' (Janome)One Half Day Workshop
Friday, June 16, 2017, 13:00 - 16:00
Cost: $75.00
So now that you have fallen in love with thread painting- what now? This Workshop is focused on different techniques for finishing your art -from a fool proof slick way to finish the joins in your binding, how to make a “facing” for your piece instead of binding that shows, create a proper hanging sleeve, and how to block and hang your art so that it lays flat on a wall or in a show!

401 - Dancing With your Feed Dogs Down
401 - Dancing With your Feed Dogs Down (Janome)One Full Day Workshop
Saturday, June 17, 2017, 08:30 - 16:00
Cost: $145.00
Thread paint a stunning silhouette of a tree! Liberate your free motion skills with this wall hanging and learn how easy it is to “draw” with thread to create any tree.
If you are yearning to learn free motion, but have been scared off by “trying to stipple quilt” this workshop is for you! Liberate your skills to create this wall hanging with “NO RULES”!
Absolutely No drawing experience necessary.

Well, there is not much more to say about Coreen. She exudes talent beyond belief and if you are lucky enough to take her class, you sure won't regret it.  Sign up now, before it is too late!

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