Thursday, 23 June 2016

An Email that shows the Kindness of Quilters

This email was received by a Board member. Quilters truly are remarkable people with very big hearts! Read on:

Our local quilting group The Huron Shores Quilters have devoted the month of May to making quilts for Fort McMurray.  We had the local paper The North Shore Sentinel do an article on our efforts.

We have just sent the first 14 quilts to Erie Quilt Art in Calgary and have about a dozen more in the process of being finished.  We hope to have the rest off by the end of June.

I have, "courtesy of the North Shore Sentinel", attached a photo of our group with many of the quilts, 

Each of our quilts has a label indicating it has come from the Huron Shores Quilters of Blind River, Iron Bridge, Thessalon and Bruce Mines in Northern Ontario, along with an email address.    

It was the CQA who first let us know about sending quilts through Erie Quilt Art - so thank you.

Linda Stemp
Fort McMurray Quilt Project Co-ordinator

Huron Shores Quilters

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