Monday, 18 April 2016

Counting Inches #5

What an amazing response this month! 

We’ve made it just past Sault Ste. Marie, ON and are on the last leg of the trip! Should arrive in good time for Quilt Canada 2016 at the International Centre for June 15-18th. 
Maybe we can take a look around at all the places to see, and things to do that Toronto has to offer. Or maybe visit a quilt shop or two - just to get in the spirit of fabric and quilting. 

Quilt Canada 2016 is going to be the place where the quilt action is!  The vendors in the biggest Merchant Mall we have ever had are all listed here! Lectures and workshops galore! The National Juried Show will have over 100 quilts of Canada's finest works of art, and there are other superb quilt shows as well!

Black Gold Quilt Patch Guild - show & tell
Whale Coast QG show & tell
The 47 guilds/groups reporting inches have outdone themselves this year. All those charity quilts have helped get us as far as we have. It’s so great to hear of the inch counts that come from these charity quilts - great job!

Keep sending your inches to Marilyn at . A picture or two of some of your Show & Tell/Share and charity quilts would be great as well.

Buckhorn QG show & tell

Black Gold Quilt Patch Guild Show & Tell

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  1. The red and white quilt is very nice. I like 2 colour quilts.