Thursday, 21 April 2016

Canada's 150th Mystery Quilt, New Block

Cantik Batiks/CSM have just released their newest block for their Mystery Block celebrating Canada's 150th birthday. It is beautiful. The Canada Mystery Quilt is designed by Shania Sunga and is going to be breathtaking representing our provinces and territories.

North West Territories – Block 4

           Northwest Territories is located north of the 60th parallel with an estimated population of 43,537.

           Adventure tourism attracts photographers and outdoor enthusiasts to the “Land of the Midnight Sun”

          Hudson’s Bay Company had used the region as part of its trading area before the governance
 of the North- Western Territory was assigned to the company in 1859. The British made no effort to assert sovereignty over the aboriginal people of the area.

In 1862 during the Stikine Gold Rush, part of the North-Western territory, became inundated by
American Miners. To prevent any resulting claims, Governor James Douglas declared the area a
British Territory.

In 1868, shortly after Canadian Confederation (July 1, 1867) The Hudson Bay Company agreed
 to surrender its vast territory to Canada. However it was not until July 15, 1870, that the transfer
 to Canada was made. On that date the North-Western Territory became part of the newly created
Northwest Territories.

                 The world’s longest ice road is in Northwest Territories stretching from Tibbitt Lake, 70 east
of Yellowknife to Contwoyto Lake, nearly 600 km.

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