Thursday, 3 March 2016

Youth Challenge 2016

It’s that time again!

This year’s Cantik Batik Youth Challenge - My Favourite Sport or Game, is now closed  and the voting for Viewers’Choice begins today! We have so many entries this year, with a lot of interpretations of the theme. You can view these on our website.

Members are encouraged to log into the our website and vote. We have also opened it up to family and friends. You will only be able to vote once per computer. Don’t forget to remember the number of your favourite quilt before you go to vote.

Thank you so much Cantik Batiks for your continued sponsorship!

Enjoy the collection of quilts by our youth inCanada!


  1. Very disappointed!!! my 11 yr old Grand daughter only received her 8" piece of fabric 1 week ago, she worked hard but ran out of time to complete the binding so was not able to send in the photo. This was very discouraging for a young girl who is interested in quilting at a time when we should be encouraging them.

  2. Elizabeth, I would like to connect with you please, could you email me at

  3. My email to came back as a failure I can be contacted at