Sunday, 1 November 2015

Quilts of Valour

The (QOV) organization is an amazing one for Canadians to be a part of.
Taken directly from their website, 'they support Canadian Armed Forces members past and present with quilts of comfort, in their time of need.'

A Quilt of Valour™ is a Tribute to a CAF Member

A Quilt of Valour™ is a "hug from the nation" to a CAF Member who serves and makes sacrifices for our country. The quilt standards must reflect the level of gratitude that we want to demonstrate to the recipient. Quilts of Valour™ can be made by individuals, social groups or quilting bees. In all cases we request that the standards we have established are followed to ensure that a high quality symbol of gratitude is presented.
The quilt specifications are 55" x 70" symbolizing Canada.  All the details are here.
One idea that a member came up with is that up to and on November 11th start working on a Quilt of Valour. Do it by yourself or with some friends and let us know about it.   The hashtags to use are #rememberthem  #quiltofvalour. 
We encourage you to do this on your facebook, twitter or Instagram accounts and use the hashtags above and we will pick it up and repost.  Alternately you can email any activities you are doing around this.

Let's support our Armed Forces and pay tribute by what we do best - quilting!

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