Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Quilt Canada 2016

Are you ready? Are you as excited as we are?

Quilt Canada 2016 broke the mold! We changed things up, made it bigger, made it better and we did it to make every quilter like you HAPPY!

How you ask?  First we found some pretty amazing sponsors! Check out this incredible door prize!

We are offering a slew of workshops

Janome has once again given overwhelming support to provide domestic machines for all workshops that require them.

Handi Quilter is supplying Sweet 16's for classrooms,  and a long arm machine for lectures!

The workshops are so varied and so fantastic! And guess what?  We did not make them all the same price this year!  We have priced them so that there are workshops for every budget!

We added lectures!  Yep, that's right, we have our incredible teachers offering lectures throughout the four days too!

Don't freak out but we are having a Quilter's Night Out!  We can't say too much right now, but Jane Sassaman is going to be giving a talk!  

Okay, our Merchant Mall is insane!  We keep getting more and more merchants so we keep making the shopping area bigger and bigger! We will be releasing the names of vendors very soon. 

We haven't even talked about the quilt shows yet!  Our National Juried Show hilights the best in Canada, our concurrent shows demonstrate the incredible talent our country has in quilting. 

The fact that we are at the International Centre in Toronto ON is the icing on the cake.   The place is huge! All one level and minutes from the hotels, and tons of parking!

Seriously, if you haven't booked your workshops, lectures, hotel... don't wait too long.   This is going to be the conference of all conferences! 


  1. WOW WOW! lol oh Jackie that was an awesome post! I can feel your excitement. : ) Super super super!


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  3. wow! i am impressed with how you have up the anti on the workshops…way to go!