Sunday, 12 April 2015

Special! Special!

Quilt Canada 2015 is quickly approaching and many of us are finalizing our travel plans for the event. I think it's safe to say that all of us are aware that there is an airport in Calgary, but it may be lesser known that there is an airport in Lethbridge as well. It is small, but very functional. 

To get from the airport to the University of Lethbridge where Quilt Canada 2015 is being hosted, you will need to take a taxi. And we’re very pleased to inform you that the LOC has pre-arranged with one of the local taxi companies, Royal Taxi, a special flat rate of $30 for anyone who is here for the show and needs to get from the airport to the University.

NOTE:  You will need to mention to them specifically that you are traveling for Quilt Canada to get this special rate.

That's one less thing to worry about planning for. 

Now you can spend your time thinking about all the amazing things you'll buy at the merchant mall instead!

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