Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Member's Approach - Last Installment

The Trend-Tex 2015 challenge

The final placements!
WOW – the deadline is a month away as I write this…  where is the time going!!!
The fusible pattern pieces are now affixed to the back of the fabrics, and precisely cut out.  Time to be put in place with the aid of an “overlay”.  The paper backing of the fusible web product is removed, and the fussy placement begins.


The overlay is a transparent tissue paper that I have traced the whole picture onto.  This will allow me to place the pieces onto the background fabrics and not have the quilt look like a Dali impression. 


kite overlay

The overlay is pinned along only one edge to the background so I can flip it up and ensure a good placement of the fused pieces.  The pieces, without the paper backing, can be fused to the background once in place, without having to lift up again!


At this time I can also play with the layout a little, and redo, reshape with the scissors, or even re-cut a new piece if I don’t like how the piece is coming together or decide to change the colour/fabric choice!
overlay kite 1


pressed in place

Once satisfied with the layout, I take the iron to the pieces – ensuring that they are pressed – NOT ironed! A Teflon press sheet is highly recommended – as you don’t want to have any of the fusible webbing to be affixed to the iron!
Pieces are now “down”, the mid-arm is oiled and threaded ready to go!  Time to add the “dimension” to the kites blowing in the wind and memories of my dad – young at heart, wind at his back!

See you in Lethbridge in June! 
Lezley Zwaal, Edmonton AB

ps don't forget to get you finished Trend-Tex Challenge into Linda Schmidt by April 3, 2015.

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  1. I love my teflon sheets. One on the bottom and one on top. Are you going to show us your piece when it is finished? We all can't get to Lethbridge.