Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Meet Our Treasurer - Lynn Mills

You know the saying, behind every good man is a woman? Well let me tell you how that relates to our organization. Behind every good organization is an amazing Treasurer!

And we know that CQA/ACC is an incredible national quilt organization in Canada, which leads us to the fact that we have an amazing Treasurer in Canada keeping us in line. Lynn Mills is back on the board for a second time as treasurer. Her work is flawless, detailed and she always has an answer for us at a moment’s notice.
Lynn with 'Mrs. Cardinal' a quilt she has started in one of David Taylor's classes.

She is just that good. In her other life she is CPA CMA, which I am pretty sure stands for CQA/ACC’s Perfect Accountant/Counting Money Always. Apparently she tells me it really means Chartered Professional Accountant, Certified Management Accountant. I still like my definition better.

from a photo in Coreen Zerr's class

When she is not volunteering countless hours balancing the Trend-Tex Challenge, accepting payment for NJS entries or tallying totals for Quilt Canada 2015, she actually works full time and raises five kids with a fabulous husband.   I say fabulous on the husband part because this man actually takes her around to quilt shops on the weekend! For real! Try telling that to your husband and see what happens.
What happens when you sit down and sew, cut, sew, repeat.

Lynn mentions that she hasn’t had a lot of time to quilt in the past two years, but every time we mention a quilt teacher at our board meetings, she has taken a class with them! This girl loves taking workshops.  The latest workshops she has done are with David Taylor. Lynn is really enjoying the technique he has taught about taking photos and turning them into art quilts.

What to do with a jelly roll you are never going to use? Sit down and sew and call it a modern quilt!

She loves trying any type of quilting and judging from the workshops she has taken, she has tried them all. When she wants to relax and take a break, she will still turn to traditional and pull out her machine and just sit and piece blocks.
 Stargazey pattern

When asked what her favourite food was she said ‘see food’! For clarification, she does love a good seafood and is looking for an excuse to head to the east coast to enjoy their selection.

With her infectious laugh and amazing financial talent, it is a true pleasure and thrill to have such a dedicated Treasurer looking after the finances of our organization.

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