Thursday, 19 February 2015

Canadian Quilt Talk Podcast on Quilt Canada 2015

I often listen to podcasts, and one of the shows I listen to is Canadian Quilt Talk, hosted by Brandy Lynn Maslowski. To give you a bit of an idea of what she talks about, I'll use her own words. This quote is from her website: "Canadian Quilt Talk is a weekly online podcast that aims to inspire quilters and fibre artists alike with tips, tricks and the latest products. We aim to highlight the stellar Canadian teachers, quilt shops, and products and keep you buying local first before turning to online buying or over the border adventures. We’ll dig into the history of Canadian quilting and explore how far we've come with the gold mine of Canadian talent."
Since I am a few episodes behind, I was not aware until another member of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) mentioned to me that Quilt Canada 2015 was featured on Canadian Quilt Talk this past week! As soon as I had a chance, I gave it a listen. It is chock full of information about the conference, from the different instructors and where you can find accommodation in Lethbridge, to details on the different quilt shows that Quilt Canada is hosting.
Here is the link to the latest episode and all the other previous episodes on the Canadian Quilt Talk site. Just click on 'Play Now’ under each listing and you'll be taken to the page where the episode will play automatically.
Then simply sit back, enjoy your cup of coffee, and learn all about Quilt Canada 2015!
Shena Boes 

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