Sunday, 21 December 2014

Member's Approach to the Trend-Tex Challenge-2

Lezley Zwaal is sharing her path and thoughts as she prepares her quilt for the 2015 Trend-Tex challenge with the theme "Blowing in the Wind”. In our last episode, we left her searching for an old family photograph. Her story continues....
I found the photo, and now have my sister’s permission to use it!
see note below

The picture? Not yet my quilt. However, a picture can tell you a story: My dad flew kites. As a young girl in Regina (windy prairies – open skies) dad made “box” kites - and they went waaaaay up high! I loved to watch him work on them, and get them soaring high! I don’t recall ever trying to fly them – I think he valued his hobby too much.
Then as time passed, life happens and dad’s kites no longer flew. Then I moved to Edmonton. It was a lonely first Christmas there – my hubby and I didn’t know anyone – and I missed my family. I wondered what to get the parents for Christmas that would be easy to send back home! I found a kite store when I was Christmas shopping! Memories flooded back – and I HAD to buy him a kite – maybe in his retirement he would be able to find time to fly them again!
He loved it and his hobby was renewed!!
Super fast-forward to 2014 when I open the website for the CQA/ACC in Lethbridge and see the BLOWN AWAY logo! Again – memories flood back! Now – to turn this into the challenge piece.
The kites he is flying!!! Does this not say “Trend-Tex Challenge colours?”


please note: this photo is a very old family photo!


  1. I think these are the types of projects that get completed - the ones in which our hearts are involved!

  2. I was thinking about kites too but have changed my mind. If found something else but I'm not emotionally attached to it. Probably a good thing, if I'm giving it away.

  3. Excellent tale of your inspirational path Lezley! Good luck with your challenge piece!