Monday, 10 November 2014

Giveaways for a Year!

Psst... guess what? We are having giveaways for a whole year!  Yep, once a month you will have the chance to win something quilt related that will make a wonderful addition to your studio!

Do you want the details?  On the15th of each month, go to our facebook page and we will have a post showing the monthly giveaway. Leave a comment answering the question and you are in!  It's that simple!

Now you do have to be a resident of Canada, but you don't have to be a CQA/ACC member. Although I cannot fathom why you wouldn't want to=) 

Do you want a sneak peek of what is up for November?
Look at these lovely scissors!!

Mundial carries the finest quality fully plated carbon steel shears. The Classic Forged line is Mundial's most complete assortment of scissors ranging from dressmaker, sewing and craft scissors. All Classic Forged scissors and shears are hot drop forged and fully plated for a lifetime of sewing satisfaction.
       These Dressmaker shears are able to cut through fabric of many weights.  They are designed with bent or offset handles so that whatever is being cut does not have to be lifted off the cutting surface. This feature also ensures the shears do not harm the cutting surface. These Mundial scissors are an ideal choice for your quilting needs.

Be sure to check out our facebook page on the 15th! You don't want to miss out a chance to win these!


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