Friday, 21 November 2014

CQA/ACC offers an Insurance Policy to Member Guilds

Wow! What a response! Over a hundred member guilds have opted into the insurance policy offered under CQA/ACC’s “umbrella” insurance. We’re very pleased with the response so far. You can still take part in this offer. (This offer is still available.) Guilds are paying $130 (plus tax), saving $300-500 a year.  

There are two sections to the insurance:
-    general liability, covering guilds for bodily injury and/or property damage claims; personal injury; medical payments; tenant’s legal liability.
-    management liability that protects directors and their personal assets from law suits; to cover legal liability that could be imposed related to ‘wrongful acts’ (management of funds, employment practices, defense costs).

How does it work?                               
Contact CQA/ACC Secretary Lauren MacDonald by email ( to get enrolment details or look on the main page of our website (  Find the link on the left for Member Guild Insurance.
Fill in the details and email it to Administrative Assistant Jackie Philpott (
An invoice will then be sent to the member guild, requesting payment.
Confirmation of payment and enrollment will be sent to member registered guild.
Although the policy anniversary is Nov. 1st, guilds can sign up at any time during the year. All policies end Oct. 31st each year.

Not a member? - all you have to do is contact Jackie Philpott ( to sign up as a member guild and you will qualify for this great opportunity!.

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