Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Meet the Teachers 1

I have elementary school aged children at home, and I know every fall, when school begins again, they are anxious about who their teacher will be.  Meeting the teachers is something they are eager to do.  We are in October now, so they are past that stage for this year.
But we haven’t met our Quilt Canada teachers for the June show yet!  There are 6 highly skilled teachers on the line-up this year.  I’ll start with the first three today.

Weeks Ringle
Our first teacher for this week is Weeks Ringle.  Many of you will probably already know who she is, but I’ll give you a brief bio.  Weeks Ringle, along with her husband Bill Kerr, have been on the quilting scene for quite some time.  She and her husband founded the Modern Quilt Studio in Oak Park, Illinois.  Their studio launched the first ever magazine dedicated exclusively to modern quilting, Modern Quilts Illustrated, in 2011.  They have written numerous books together and lecture and teach throughout the USA, Canada, and internationally. Weeks blogs at Craft Nectar.  She will be teaching two one-day classes and will also be lecturing on Friday evening.  

Joanne Flamand
Up next is Joanne Flamand, a long-arm quilter.  Like many of us, she started sewing clothes and curtains before she made the transition to the wonderful world of quilting.  Her friends and family were the first recipients of her new found craft.  She made the upgrade from her trusty Pfaff to an APQS Millennium and hasn’t looked back!  We can all be extremely envious of the fact that she has studied with some amazing quilting instructors, namely Deloa Jones, Claudia Pfiell, Karen McTavish, Sue Patton, Matt Sparrow, and Kim Caskey.  I’m sure anyone who takes her class will benefit from the expertise she has learned from them.  Joanne has a studio, Sparrow Studioz, in Edmonton, Alberta.

Margie Davidson
Last for today, but certainly not least, Margie Davidson, also based in Edmonton, is a quilt artist and surface designer.  She has a Bachelor of Education and many art courses under her belt and quilters are some of her favourite students.  She loves to encourage individual creativity in her classes and uses colour theory and design principles to help that along.  Margie is a certified CQA/ACC Quilt Judge and in 2013, she had the distinction of receiving the Teacher of the Year award from CQA/ACC. 
Shena Boes

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