Monday, 6 October 2014

Lollygagging through Ontario

Well our journey has started.
I tried to leave St. Catharines (home of QC2014), but couldn’t do that before I visited Niagara Heritage Quilters’ Guild for their first meeting of the year.  Noshi Gulati was their speaker for the evening - what an amazing woman - she makes her own patterns using math calculations and pictures, uses her scissors (not a rotary cutter) to cut her fabric and does most of her work by hand.

I took another look at Niagara Falls before starting out on the road. While I was in the Falls, I visited Rainbow Country Quilters and helped to measure the inches of their Show & Tell quilts.
Then another stop at Kindred Spirits Quilt Co. to thank Michelle for sponsoring our Member Challenge - The Dog Days of Summer, to tell her about the entries that I had received so far and to tell her about the new challenge (coming soon on this blog).

Down the QEW highway, I headed for Toronto and then up the 400 highway towards Sudbury - my first destination stop. Or at least that’s what I had planned.      


Since I’m “lollygagging”, I decided to stop off at the member guild, Durham Trillium Quilters’ Guild (Oshawa), for a quick visit and then onto Quilting Corners Guild in Alliston. I missed their first meeting on the 1st Tuesday of September, but they told me all about it. Along with the usual speaker, BOMs, challenges and, of course, Show & Tell (and measuring inches), their Community Outreach were making comfort quilts for My Sisters' Place, a local women and children’s shelter and pillowcases for Mathew’s House, a local hospice.

Every day I'm getting more inches, but I need quite a few more to get to Sudbury. Hopefully, with the cooler weather, our quilters will get back to sewing and bringing in their Show & Tell to measure inches.

Stay tuned for next month's lollygag through northern Ontario visiting a few more guilds and shops.


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