Monday, 28 July 2014

Meet Our New Vice President - Linda Schmidt

Spunk. That is the word that comes to mind when I think of our newest Vice President of CQA/ACC. 
The girl just has spunk. The dictionary defines it as courage, spirit and determination. Linda Schmidt has it all. Plus a smile that lights up a room.

We discovered this talented woman when we were in Penticton at Quilt BC 2013. She was the National Juried Show Coordinator... and so much more, as we soon discovered. She was organized to the last detail, efficient like none other and she is unflappable. We can't get that smile and calm demeanour off of her!  And we have tried. She just grins, takes the crisis and solves it. And we all just sigh and think 'thank goodness she represents Canadian quilters.'

'The Tree' done in 2008 for a challenge.

Who is Linda Schmidt, other than the woman who has these amazing qualities? She is super talented with her long arm machine and loves getting her quilts under the machine to do her magic.

Double Wedding Ring variation from McCall’s Quilting May 2011 issue.

Linda has recently fallen in love with modern quilts.  Her favourite thing about making quilts is doing the quilting on her long arm or less frequently on her domestic machine.

Being part of the  Quilt Canada 2013 Local Organizing Committee was such a rewarding experience that she thought working with the amazing board members would be even more fulfilling.  She tells us that she likes to organize and coordinate events so thought she would have something to contribute. 

Inspired by Louisa L. Smith’s book A New Twist on Strips ‘n Curves- titled ‘All Roads are Connected’, done in 2008.

I can tell you she has been with us for only a month and is definitely an asset to the Board. In due time will do a fantastic job at the helm of this wonderful organization of quilters! 

What completely sold us on Linda is when she said her favourite food was cinnamon buns! How can you not adore a quilter who loves cinnamon buns?

Please join me in welcoming Linda to the CQA/ACC Board of Directors.