Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Winter Wonderland-Member Challenge Part II

Part II of III of our wonderful member challenge.  
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by Lauren MacDonald
Which Way to Costa Rica?  This wall hanging was inspired by a mini-quilt in "Pretty Little Mini Quilts" (ISBN-10: 160059493X ISBN-13: 978-1600594939).  The toucan has been blown off-course to Northern Canada!  He's looking at the snowflakes all around wondering how to get back home!

by Rolanda Tovey
I'm sending this photo of my wallhanging, one of a series of seasonal patterns from "Seasonal Patchwork & Quilting" by Colette Wolff. I'm like the kitty in the window, I much prefer to be inside during the winter. I've named this "Winter waiting at the window".

by Heather Myers
I’ve had a scene in my mind for years after living in the North – winter meadows, covered in snow, rippled and tucked like a quilt.  Little animal footprints, stitching their way across the snow, nipping and tucking amongst the bushes and shadows.

by Janet Barker

I created this small wall hanging using a Christmas card for inspiration. I was taking a landscape course and wanted to tackle a small project so that it would actually get done. This is not exactly a landscape, but I was able to try out techniques taught in the course.  The background was graded using colourwash inks and then the cardinal and bird feeder were added using machine appliqué.  The tree branches were added using raw-edge appliqué.  Thread painting was used to complete the picture.  I then used netting and quilted loops to try to simulate the falling snow around the cardinal.

by Janet Ulan
The photo is provided by Pat Jackson who kindly gave her permission to do the wall hanging, she has seen the finished product and is extremely happy with the result. I took artistic license by omitting the fence.

by Terry Aske
Starry Winter Night 2 is an abstract view of bare trees silhouetted against a dark and cold starry winter sky and snowy landscape.  Techniques: fused raw-edge applique, folded-edge applique, free-motion quilting.

I really enjoyed the spontaneous free-style design and construction of this quilt.  Normally I would have drawn a design, enlarged it to full size, and traced that to freezer paper or fusible web.  Due to time constraints, I cut all the pieces free-hand and just placed them on the background where they looked good.  I fused the background and layered the quilt.  Then I added the tree trunks (most of them have an extra layer of batting for added dimension) and quilted it. 

by Jaynie Himsl
When I started to select fabric for this project, I thought I was going to make an abstract pink quilt. The contrast of black winter nights and brilliant sun-on-snow days is my only expanation for the direction my design took. The fuschia spiral is the only colour remaining from my original idea.  

by Beulah Caswell
February Thaw
This wallhanging was started in a workshop given by Leona Larsen of Saskatoon.  It was inspired by my own  photo of Troelsen Park taken February 2005 from our backyard gate.  The quilt includes applique, textural yarns, and Angelina fibres using commercial fabrics.  The free-motion embroidery is done with cotton and rayon threads.

by Brenda Macleod Raham
' Canadian Winter Weather'
I started hand stitching, then added stars to symbolize clear star nights. The hole indicates brief Chinook breaks from winter.

by Sylvia Courteau
Snowman Bright
Inspired by a Craft Sisters design, Simple Snowman, published on www.modabakeshop.com.
Our bee had a "Snowman Day" and we each produced our own interpretation of this design by Craft Sisters. 

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  1. Each one is so uniquely personal. I wish there was a comment space under each one in order to give each quilter feedback about the wonderful strengths of each piece. Beautiful work.