Saturday, 12 April 2014

Walk To Brock #7

We made it to Winnipeg!   Can we make it to St. Catharines in time for Quilt Canada?  Oh, we can't fail now, get stitching!

We got a huge inch infusion from guilds who were not reporting monthly and who thought we were ending our walk in March. They sent their inches in one, big lump sum. So here we are, in Winnipeg!  The Winnipeg Art Gallery, Canada’s oldest public gallery is home to the largest public collection of contemporary Inuit art. Like glitter? Visit the Royal Canadian Mint, where billions of Canadian coins are produced each year. But, best of all, it’s home to the Guess Who. Listen to my favourite here.

Notes from the guilds:
Timmins guild devotes one entire meeting to a mega Show and Tell where members bring in as many quilts as they wish. Stories range from hilarious, to touching, to awe inspiring, and often include lessons learned. This year the goal was to maximize their Walk to Brock contribution and members could bring a friend. Plenty of desserts and a theme cake capped off a fun evening. 

There was a grand total of 66 quilts, for a combined measurement of 11,822.5 inches. Since the guild meets every two weeks, the monthly total was an impressive 14,642.5 inches!

Paradise Village quilters in Bridgetown NS really love their Show and Tell and to help add more Brock inches many members bring pieces they hadn’t previously thought about showing.

REMINDER:  We extended the deadline for our walk to get to Brock to June 11/2014 – the opening day of Quilt Canada 2014. So keep ‘em coming!

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