Friday, 13 September 2013

Getting Creative

This looks like a short post, but it has some wonderful links that I encourage you to take the time to read.
The first one is called the 'McDonald's Theory' and it talks about brainstorming and thinking outside the box.  It can apply to everyone, and most definitely to creative quilters.

Now once you have got your juices flowing, check out CQA/ACC's 'Quilting Standards'.  This is not solely meant for having a quilt judged, but is a wonderful tool to use to help you make your quilt the best it can be.

In conjunction with the Quilting Standards is a great aid called 'Elements of Principles and Design', also found on our website.

To finish off your creative process is a very informative article written by member Anna Hergert titled 'Deciphering The Myth Surrounding Original, Derivative and Copied Work'.

After going through this creative process, why not enter your finished masterpiece in our National Juried Show?   Here is the Call For Entry.

You can get a ton of inspiration by looking at past NJS winners.   For more interesting articles check out our website.

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