Saturday, 21 September 2013

A Solution for 3D Embellishments

Do you wish you could embellish your little one's quilts, but know that they would get destroyed in the wash?

There are so many fun ways to embellish quilts, especially for children.   The only drawback is the quilts need to be laundered frequently and the embellishments might not stand up to the swirling of a washing machine.

Our Secretary, Lauren MacDonald, has come up with the perfect solution.   

After a 3D embellishing workshop at our guild, I was determined to make 3D flowers for my granddaughter Violet's quilt (Violet is 4 years old).  I knew though that her mom does a lot of laundry so I had to think about how to add dimension to the quilt and still have it washable.  It must have been around that time that I saw pink velcro at a local fabric store and realized that it would look cute on a quilt, even if the flower was off.  But with the larger flowers, I thought a button would work nicely as a way to put on and remove my 3D flowers.  

Thankfully you can buy the jumbo ricrac now, so I used all those ideas for Violet's Garden Quilt (although it looks pretty bare at the top, so I'm going to have to add some butterflies too.)  I had previously made a quilt for Darcy, Violet's first cousin and best friend, so I then had to make 3D flowers for her quilt  so both would be happy.

Great job Lauren and thanks for sharing!  
If you have any tips on 3D embellishing, leave a comment and let us know.

Jackie W.