Friday, 7 June 2013

Just The Facts

Sometimes we get so caught up in highlighting different events that we forget to go back to the basics, so to speak.   This post today is to let you know of the great things CQA/ACC has to offer on an ongoing basis.

Grab a cup of your favourite beverage and sit back and scroll through some interesting tidbits.

First off, is this blog. If you glance to the right of this post, in the 'side bar' you will see a title called "CQA/ACC bloggers".  This is your fellow quilters that have blogs thatshowcase their quilting activities.   Directly below that is the CQA/ACC member guilds who have websites.  What a great way to connect with fellow guilds across the country.  They have so much information on their websites.  Go and look at a few!

I would be remiss if I didn't tell you about the Agnes Boal Bursary that CQA/ACC awards each year to a member guild.   With almost 300 guilds in our organization, many are not applying for the $750 bursary to bring a teacher (CQA member) to come and instruct at your guild.   It takes literally less than a minute to apply.

We have introduced quarterly challenges that fall in conjunction with 'The Canadian Quilter'.  Our latest one is 'Through the Eyes of a Bug', and you can win fantastic fabric, and it is a very very small quilt you have to make and take a picture of.  Deadline is June 20th, grab a few hours and enter!

If you want a bit of inspiration, then go and look at our past National Juried Show and Trend-Tex Challenge winners.

Lastly, what are you working on?   What neat things is your guild doing?   Canadian quilters would love to see their fellow quilters featured here, drop me a line at


  1. Jackie, I appreciated your article in the Canadian Quilter, Summer 2013 - The Modern Quilt Movement.
    I wasn't even aware of this category but I am quite excited about it as the quilts seem to be original patterns. It's got me thinking how I can use my hand painted panels to make a Modern Quilt/Wall Hanging.
    I really appreciate your blog too.

  2. Great blog. Very informative.