Thursday, 2 May 2013

Quilt of Belonging

Have you heard of the Quilt of Belonging?   Here is how it is described on the website:

Quilt of Belonging is 120 foot (36 metres) long collaborative textile art project, a richly hued portrait of the human family. Its 263 blocks portray the rich cultural legacies of all the First Peoples in Canada and every nation of the world at the dawn of the new Millennium.

Seeing it in person is a most moving and colourful display of humanity.   As stated on their site:

Quilt of Belonging is a collaborative work of art that:
                        recognizes Canada's diversity, celebrates our common humanity
                        and promotes harmony and compassion among people.

 The quilt consist of 263 11" blocks.  You can go here to look at each block.   This is a wonderful way to look at the quilt and the detail put into each block.  Each individual block has a story that goes with it that is enlightening to read.   

Most recently they have made a 48 minute documentary on the making of the Quilt and have completed a 'Youth Quilt Project', a 120' quilt made from artwork of almost 800 students from kindergarten to grade 12.

You will be inspired after reading the stories on the Quilt of Belonging and maybe even want to arrange for it to come to your event.


  1. Have seen this a couple of times on its travels and would definitely make the effort to see it again - worth booking for an event! I missed seeing the clock in the Swiss block the first time. Wonderful group effort and who knew we had so many different countries contributing to our Canadian immigrant community?

  2. I saw this amazing work at the Museum of Civilization a few years ago. What a wonderful way to learn about the many cultures who contribute to our rich diversity. Thanks for the links.

  3. This quilt stopped everyone in their tracks at Houston Quilt Festival a few years ago. I, too, have seen it a couple of times (and written a song about it). I haven't begun to see everything there is to see in it. I was so proud to be a Canadian, the first time I stood before it. The quilt will be on display between April 19-21st at the NAV Centre in Cornwall. I wish I lived closer!

  4. I was thrilled to see it at Houston Quilt Market a few years back. Breath taking and they sold the beautiful greeting cards as well.